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The #1 Secret to Writing Effective B2B Copy (Sshhhh!)

  • The #1 Secret to Writing Effective B2B Copy (Sshhhh!)

There’s plenty of awful copywriting out there in the world, copy that’s boring, or without any personality, or that’s confusing, or that drones on and on and on and on and on and …



But there’s a secret to writing effective B2B copy. Honestly, it’s not much of a secret, or at least it shouldn't be:

B2B people are people, too.

Surprise, surprise.

Every person in your target audience has dreams, passions and fears. They worry about getting home to take care of the kids after work, and whether they’ll be downsized or not, and whether their boss will give them a raise. Which means copy needs to be written for them. Here are three tips to speak to B2B people and not just B2B companies:

Consider personal benefits before business benefits.

How does your product help your audience? How will it save them time so they can get home to make dinner, make them look great in front of their bosses, advance their careers, and so on. When listing all the product benefits, which ones help the reader and not just their business get ahead? Add some of those in your copy, too.

Use human language.

You should always use appropriate business and industry jargon, but when you overuse it, your copy can sound like a tech manual (which is only acceptable if you’re writing a tech manual). You want to sound intelligent and confident, but your marketing isn’t a jargon or four-syllable word contest, either. Use every day words. Use short sentences. If you want to engage the reader, be conversational, and not a robot.

Get straight to the point.

How much time do you have to sit around reading emails and blog posts (and thank you for reading this one). Every person in your target audience has something else they need to do; someplace else they need to be. Tell the reader why your product or service is great. Tell them why it will benefit them. Share a competitive advantage. Be clever, conversational and relevant. And then go away.

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