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14 Ways to Amplify Your Talent Message Within Your Office

  • 14 Ways to Amplify Your Talent Message Within Your Office

The Talent Marketing FrameworkTM is the Pepper Group’s unique approach to applying marketing techniques to attract and retain top talent. It helps our clients build a true competitive advantage that drives revenue and profitability.

In our last article, we reviewed Talent Brand Messaging—the core of the framework. Now, let’s move to the left side of the model. These three elements, which together we call “integration,” embed your talent brand messaging into your organization.

The first of these is Environmental Reinforcement. Your office environment is the perfect canvas to amplify your messaging with compelling, creative visuals and “Culture KiosksTM,” They can be static or continually change over time, and can take the form of decals, signs, digital screens, paint, artwork, dimensional exhibits, interactive displays, notes, updates, or demonstrations.

The possibilities are limitless and bound only by creativity, but here are a 14 ideas to get you started:

  1. Wall Colors: Are your wall colors consistent with your overall vibe? If not, it’s an easy and high-impact improvement.
  2. Core Values: Today’s great companies bring their values, purpose, and culture messaging to life with artistic and attractive visuals throughout the office.
  3. Company Stories: Whether it’s a timeline of your company’s history, highlights of major innovations, interesting infographics or company lore, present your stories in a memorable way.
  4. Graffiti “Sign-In” Areas: Engage visitors and employees with interactive displays where they can leave their mark by signing in, sharing the best advice they’ve ever received, drawing something, or responding to a number of other fun suggestions.
  5. Client Endorsements: Inspiring testimonials and customer success stories continually reinforce the value your organization creates.
  6. Employee Appreciation: Displaying peer-to-peer or other recognition encourages teamwork and is greatly appreciated by employees.
  7. Lobby Décor: Enhancing the entrance to your business with attractive signage, creative door decals and other elements gives the best first impression.
  8. Welcome Screens: Provide visitors a dynamic presentation about your company and culture while they wait in the lobby, and at the same time, recognize and welcome them by name.
  9. Product Displays: When possible, showcase what you do or what you make. Attractive displays can create even more pride in what you deliver to customers.
  10. Special Projects: Share information about special projects and key initiatives such as the vision, structure, goals and progress. This motivates teams to perform at their best.
  11. Themes and Names: Floors or teams can be given themes and conference rooms can be named or dedicated. Doing so can add some fun and make spaces more memorable and identifiable.
  12. Global Maps: In some cases, a map of offices, distribution channels, or your customer base can create some company pride.
  13. Custom Artwork: Custom art, especially if there’s has a story behind it, is a great way to enhance an environment and add a unique touch.
  14. Company Recognition: An attractive display of trophies, awards, community organizations your company supports, and other professional affiliations reinforces that you’re a winning organization.

There are so many ways to reinforce your messaging throughout your office environment, and if you’re not taking advantage of that huge canvas, you’re missing opportunities.

Often this is part of a remodel or move to a new office, but these ideas can be implemented at any point. There is great value in adding visual interest and impact to your office environment and bringing your message to life in these powerful ways.

To talk about the possibilities for your office, and see examples from our variety of clients, contact us!

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