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2018: Content is Critical. Creativity is King.

  • 2018: Content is Critical. Creativity is King.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s recently released 2018 B2B Content Marketing Report, 91% of B2B respondents use content marketing, up from 88% last year. And get this—more than half of the remaining 9% said they plan to launch a content effort in 2018.

We first wrote about the content shock more than four years ago, and there’s no question that more content is competing for the attention of your target audience. So how can you break through?

Smart SEO techniques, content repurposing via the Content Matrix™, good quality and content promotion are all important. In addition, Pepper Group helps our clients create specificity. Specificity is about creating content for a carefully defined audience and/or a targeted niche or pain point.

If you really want to boost results, you need novelty, too. Novelty is about presenting great content in a more creative way, in an interesting format or through a unique distribution method. We even have a name for it—The Novelty Multiplier™. Creative content gets attention. Sometimes it’s so powerful, it gets a “Hey Joe!” reaction, as in “Hey Joe, check this out!” Engagement and sharing are critical to success, and novelty helps make it happen.

The Novelty Multiplier can take multiple forms. You can create interactive content such as value calculators, self-assessments and games. You can spice up standard content with dynamic infographics, active emails and animated graphics. It can even take a physical form to drive leads at a trade show, as we did when we helped one of our clients run a promotion to win a trip to outer space (seriously).

Let’s get creative in 2018!

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