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The 3 Key Elements of Talent Brand Messaging—The Core of the Talent Marketing Framework™

  • The 3 Key Elements of Talent Brand Messaging—The Core of the Talent Marketing Framework™

The Talent Marketing Framework is a strategic guide to building a stronger talent brand—improving your company’s ability to attract and retain the best talent.

At the core of the framework is “Talent Brand Messaging.” This is the heart and soul of your company and serves as the linchpin for your talent marketing efforts. It’s generated through interviews, research and input from employees and leaders. It’s part current reality and part aspirational, but it must be all yours and truly unique to your organization. In some organizations they may be called different things, but whatever you call them, these are the key elements.

A Higher Purpose

Millennials especially—but all employees really—want their work to have meaning, but your organization doesn’t have to be set up around a social good in order to have a higher purpose. For example, Coplan & Crane is a personal injury firm in Oak Park. Far from the “In a Wreck, Need a Check?” type ads you might associate with their profession, they are a team that truly makes a difference for their clients, their community and each other. They help those who have lost rebuild their lives and they make the world a safer place in the process.

Core Values

Most companies have a set of core values, but often they’re so generic they’re pretty much useless. Here’s a simple test. If your company’s core values could be lifted and directly applied to nearly any other company out there, they’re not performing for you. Core values should find the tone and style that matches your firm and they should support the culture you want to create. Each one should have a short explanation that really clarifies what it means to your company. Even if you already have a set of core values you don’t want to change, they can likely be improved.

Your DNA

What kind of people work here? What gets us excited? How do we behave? What do we believe? You can also answer the question “Who aren’t we?” It’s amazing how once we immerse ourselves in the discovery process with a new client, this DNA becomes evident. Uncovering it and defining the most positive aspects energizes teams because they can start to see it all around them. When done correctly, it will reinforce the values and purpose, and tie in to the overall strategic vision of the organization.

With a powerful core in place, you can implement marketing and communications initiatives that will help you build a culture by design. Learn more and take a self-assessment of your own organization’s effectiveness in this area by reading about the Talent Marketing Framework.

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