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4,096 Ways to Repurpose Content

  • 4,096 Ways to Repurpose Content

Ask a marketer about his or her top content marketing challenges, and most likely something like “producing new content on a consistent basis” will be in the top three responses. There are many solutions to this challenge, and one of them is to simply repurpose. To help our clients do that most effectively, we’ve created the Pepper Group Content Matrix.

The Content Matrix is a unique and proprietary tool that helps us and our clients find multiple combinations of content type, format and distribution method. For example, a content type could be a customer success story, education on a specific topic, a tip or a shortcut, or industry survey results. Formats can include an article, video, infographic or slide deck. And finally, distribution methods include social posts, direct email, a press release or sponsored posts.

For example, let’s say you have a customer success story. In addition to it living as a write up in the form of a blog post and posted on your website, that same content can also be repurposed into a short video, PDF, infographic and/or a slide deck. It can be distributed as an email, sponsored post, press release,  print out or shared on social platforms. In short, the impact of one blog post has now been amplified!  

Our Content Matrix shows how one of 16 types of content we’ve identified can be repurposed into 16 formats and then distributed over 16 channels. That’s 4,096 possibilities. It’s helped us solve the biggest challenges companies face in a smart, effective and creative way.

Are you struggling to create engaging content on a consistent basis? Are you creating new content and then just using it one way? Ask yourself if you could be doing a better job with your content marketing. If the answer is yes, then send me an email or give me a call. We’ll review our Content Matrix together and no doubt identify some key opportunities to help you succeed.

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