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Client Spotlight: Gerber Collision and Glass Recruiting Campaign

  • Client Spotlight: Gerber Collision & Glass Recruiting Campaign

At Pepper Group, a lot of what we do is centered around helping our clients attract the right customers. But it’s just as important—and just as fun, for us marketing geeks—to help our clients attract and retain the right employees. (We know great employees often lead to great customers, of course.) That’s why we were so excited for the opportunity to work with Gerber Collision & Glass—one of North America’s leading auto collision and glass repair companies—to help them find and recruit top talent.

The challenge: the auto collision repair industry is suffering from a talent shortage—there just aren’t enough experienced and new technicians, estimators and other professionals to go around. They’re truly in a talent war, where companies are competing fiercely for great employees, and having to “sell themselves” more than ever in a crowded industry where employees know they’re in demand.

Gerber understands the importance of a strong talent brand in attracting the best team members, so they smartly started with a Talent Brand Platform. Applying our proven research and strategy development processes, we began with the foundation: identifying what really makes Gerber a special place to work, and helping to communicate that in a way that would stand out to potential team members. We took 50 pages of research and insights and articulated one key thought, or theme, that would guide our campaign: “Our People Drive Us.”

From there, we brought that message to life through a variety of integrated tactics, all designed to inspire potential team members to take the next step in their careers and contact the Gerber HR team. We built a microsite specifically dedicated to conveying Gerber’s distinct difference as an employer. It’s the central hub for other key campaign elements, including a series of powerful videos in which Gerber team members share their perspectives on working for the company, and a unique tool that allows technicians to see their improved earnings potential with Gerber. Pepper Group is currently managing a robust digital advertising campaign leveraging social media and online display ads to drive interested applicants to the site. And to support the campaign outside the digital realm, we created a compelling and concise recruiting brochure for use at career fairs and other events.

Though it’s early in the campaign, initial results are encouraging, as we work to drive potential team members to contact an HR representative or, ideally, apply to join Gerber’s one-of-a-kind team! See it for yourself at

Do you need to rev up your talent brand and accelerate your recruiting efforts, just like Gerber Collision & Glass? Check out our Eight Tactics to Help Attract and Retain the Best Talent—and let’s talk!

We knew we had a great place to work, and a lot to offer new team members. Pepper Group helped us pull it all together with a cohesive message, and tools and tactics that allow us to communicate that message effectively. I’m a satisfied customer!

–R.J. Gerber, Marketing Communications Manager

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