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Client Spotlight: Oakwood Contractors

  • Oakwood Contractors

Delivering the highest quality of carpentry and millwork by focusing on the details. That is what drives Oakwood Contractors’ success.

After working with Pepper Group nearly five years ago on its website, Oakwood asked for our help again. We began by completing an important phase of our proven process—a comprehensive Brand Review. This included a thorough analysis of Oakwood’s competitors and an in-depth discovery session with the Oakwood team to understand what makes the company unique. Using this research, we created a detailed document establishing Oakwood’s audiences, key messages and differentiators. Now it was time to drive business growth.

Since the website is one of the first stops for potential customers, we recommended creating a new online presence. The new site reflects a sophisticated look, succinct brand messaging, and showcases the company’s impeccable work in retail, commercial and healthcare. Individual pages showcase each completed project, so visitors can quickly and easily see examples of Oakwood’s capabilities and successes.

Next, we developed tactics to drive enablement, engagement and retention with potential and existing clients. Our research revealed that online RFPs give Oakwood very limited opportunity to communicate its full capabilities to project managers. To fill in the gaps, we created a bold 6" x 6" direct mailer that showcases work for the Chicago Blackhawks, Northwestern University, the Willis Tower and other high-profile projects. Each card features striking images, key project details and often, a powerful testimonial. These mailers are sent immediately after Oakwood returns a bid, in a clear envelope for maximum impact. Oakwood can also send individual cards as a drip campaign to prospects. In addition, we developed an email newsletter to highlight recent projects, grow existing relationships and provide ongoing outreach to contacts.

These efforts have given Oakwood a unique brand and voice in Chicago’s crowded subcontractor marketplace, while the mailer is a significant improvement to the company’s RFP process. Pepper Group continues to work with Oakwood to strategize new ways for marketing to help grow its business.

To see the new website, click here.

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