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Does Your Careers Page Work For You or Against You?

  • Does Your Careers Page Work For You or Against You?

Would you settle for a website that said, “Here’s the stuff we sell…” with no marketing message?

Of course not.

You want customers to understand why they should buy from you and the value they get from doing business with your company.

But why is it that 70% of the websites we review have the equivalent of, “Here’s the stuff we sell…” when it comes to careers? These pages usually feature some sort of introduction like, “Here are the jobs we have...”

What is the environment like? What’s the value to me from being associated with the organization? Why should I want to work for you?

Today, just like you have to market your company as a supplier, you have to market your company as an employer. It’s called Talent Marketing.

Oftentimes, however, company leaders think about all the things they have to fix or improve first…benefits, policies, training, etc.

Compare your employment offering to your product or service offering. Are you done innovating and improving your products and services? Never! As far as your company as a place to work, you should have the same mindset, knowing there’s always room to do better and to be continually improving.

The correlation is staggering. Companies that are successful at Talent Marketing have a 50% lower cost per hire, a 28% lower turnover rate, and realize 16% higher profitability. Does that sound interesting?

We’ve created a powerful tool that uses our proprietary Talent Marketing Framework to uncover your company’s strengths and weaknesses in this area. Want to try it out and see how you stack up? Contact us.

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