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Edlong Re-Imagines Dairy Authenticity and Marketing Ingenuity

  • Edlong Re-Imagines Dairy Authenticity and Marketing Ingenuity

Edlong is the global leader in creating dairy flavors—flavors that mimic the creaminess, richness and taste of cheese, milk, cream and more, even in products that are completely dairy-free. Annually they exhibit at the IFT Expo, one of the food industry’s largest conferences with over 17,000 attendees. This year, Edlong’s theme was Re-Imagining Possibility, and we took that theme to heart, by re-imagining their marketing, too.

Every year, we work with Edlong for months to generate awareness and drive opportunities before and during the show—and this year was no exception. Our work included pre-show marketing, booth graphics, signage, informational handouts, marketing for their on-site presentations and more—all of which requires extensive strategy, creativity and attention to detail.

Edlong’s theme for this year’s show, Re-Imagining Possibility, emphasized how their flavors help re-imagine authentic dairy taste in all applications, including plant-based ones. It also defined how we approached their marketing, as we incorporated new tactics to help boost Edlong’s presence and engagement. First, we added extensive social media marketing. This allowed us to generate excitement about Edlong’s tastings and presentations pre-show, and build upon it during the show with updates and photos (many written ahead but set to be posted at specific times). Secondly, we worked with Edlong to develop a new video, played at the booth, that included eye-catching images and statistics that promoted Edlong’s flavors and expertise. We’ve also repurposed this video for social media posts after the show.

The marketing generated a great deal of excitement and interest, impressive attendance, and marketing that continues to pay dividends weeks (and months) after the show ended in early June.

If your company has a trade show approaching, let’s talk! From pre-show promotions and public relations, to exciting booth graphics, to post-show follow-up, Pepper Group can help you get the most out of your attendance.

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