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Jun 09, 20

Sometimes you just have to get on your feet and dance, dance, dance. For our 25th anniversary, we’re posting our favorite top 25 lists. Here are the best dances, starting back in 1970. So stop doing that old-time Hand Jive (1958), or the Twist (1960), and start doing …

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May 07, 20

The Top 25 Things We’re Doing During Stay-at-Home (That We May Not Have Done Otherwise)

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Apr 07, 20

We are all staying at home. If you are like us, that means you’re already desperately looking for things to do. One of the things we are doing is collecting top 25 lists in honor of our 25th anniversary. Today’s list is courtesy of the website

The Top 25 Things To Do At Home

25. Watch a movie marathon

24. Make a fire and cook up some s’mores

23. Start spring cleaning 

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Mar 12, 20

25 of The Oddest Things You Can Buy On Amazon

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Feb 07, 20

They say the only two things that are certain, are death and taxes. Well, here’s two more: movie prices will continue to rise, and movie box office records will continue to be shattered. Of the top 25 highest grossing movies, 19 are from the last six years, only two predate 2010, and only one predates 2000. This time next year, our list may look totally different.

So here, in honor of the Academy Awards this month, and our 25th anniversary, we are sharing the 25 highest grossing movies of all time as of … today.

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Jan 08, 20

Baggy jeans. Platform shoes. Sweaters tied around the waist. There were plenty of '90s fashion disasters, but haircuts rose above them all. For our 25th anniversary we’re sharing our favorite ‘top 25’ lists.

Today’s list: the 25 worst hairstyles from the '90s (courtesy of the website List25).

25. Front flipped hair

24. The “Rachel.” We don’t miss the haircut, but we really did love that show.

23. The Sarah Jessica Parker Perm

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Dec 18, 19

To download this graphic, please click here.

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Dec 04, 19

We love holiday movies, and we love celebrating our 25th anniversary. What better way to combine the two than with this list of favorite holiday movies?

Top 25 favorite holiday movies:

25. The Muppet Christmas Carol

24. Arthur Christmas

23. Frosty the Snowman

22. Batman Returns

21. Holiday Inn

20. Edward Scissorhands

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