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Dec 04, 19

We love holiday movies, and we love celebrating our 25th anniversary. What better way to combine the two than with this list of favorite holiday movies?

Top 25 favorite holiday movies:

25. The Muppet Christmas Carol

24. Arthur Christmas

23. Frosty the Snowman

22. Batman Returns

21. Holiday Inn

20. Edward Scissorhands

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Nov 01, 19

To honor our 25th anniversary we’re sharing our favorite ‘top 25’ lists. While our marketing results are never scary, the same isn’t true for this list. Courtesy of the website List25, here are …

The Top 25 Creepiest Creatures That Actually Exist

25. Basking Shark

24. Shoebill

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Oct 03, 19

In honor of our 25th anniversary we’re sharing our favorite ‘top 25’ lists. Some lists you may find vital to the marketing of your company. This list is not one of those.

We have taken four separate, recent lists and meshed them together to create this, the definitive list of …

The Top 25 Boy Bands of All Time

25.      LFO

24.      BLACKStreet

23.      Shai

20.      The Beach Boys

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Sep 06, 19

I’d been interviewing at several companies, while contemplating the possibility of starting something on my own. As luck would have it, a friend called and said she heard that I might be looking for some work. Their art director had quit, and they needed freelance help until they found a replacement. She added that if I came down the next morning and brought business cards, she’d also make some key intros to other project managers at the company. It was just the boost I needed to try something on my own. I didn’t go to any more interviews.

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Jul 31, 19

Growing up, I’ve been privileged to travel around the world. I have lived in five very different cities over three continents. I’ve learned that when we expose ourselves to more people, we are better equipped to speak to a variety of audiences. I feel confident that traveling also makes us better at our crafts. It’s made me better at mine!

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Jul 09, 19

Baseball season is here, and as a big Cubs fan, I’m often vegging on my couch watching games (my daughters much prefer The Bachelor or Big Brother. It’s a constant battle, which I usually lose). When watching, I can’t help but think about how the creative team at Pepper Group is sort of like a winning baseball team, without the TV coverage.

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Jun 03, 19

I see what you're feeling.

Learning about someone without them saying a word is a fascinating study. This month’s YouTube video gives some great insights into body language from former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro. With decades of experience, Joe points out some clever ways to observe the people you interact with and know whether they’re being honest with you, as well as ways to connect with them through non-verbal communication.

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May 01, 19

The right place at the right time

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