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The Start of Something Spicy

  • The Start of Something Spicy

I’d been interviewing at several companies, while contemplating the possibility of starting something on my own. As luck would have it, a friend called and said she heard that I might be looking for some work. Their art director had quit, and they needed freelance help until they found a replacement. She added that if I came down the next morning and brought business cards, she’d also make some key intros to other project managers at the company. It was just the boost I needed to try something on my own. I didn’t go to any more interviews.

And that’s how Pepper Group was born 25 years ago. It was a little scary, to be sure, but overhead was cheap, using our spare bedroom for the world headquarters. We were also very lucky to have some extremely talented help along the way. It’s been a journey traveled with amazing vendors, clients and teammates.

Together we traversed the hills and valleys of learning, creativity, innovation, humility, great joy and camaraderie. We all feel extremely thankful for getting to play in this marketing sandbox, and to enjoy collaborating with so many passionate professionals. Being able to learn the details about our clients’ businesses that we helped launch, all the way to ones that evolved and survived for many more years than Pepper Group, has been an absolute blast.

We look forward to celebrating our 25th Anniversary with you throughout the rest of the year. Thanks to you all for your spicy contributions to our success!

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