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Upping Our Clients’ Digital Marketing Game

  • Upping Our Clients’ Digital Marketing Game

About a hundred years ago, John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted: the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” That’s not acceptable today. Yet we sometimes still see a lot of waste in digital campaigns.

Here are some examples of where we took over a marketing effort and helped our clients root out inefficiencies, dramatically improving their results.

A Technology Consulting Company

After taking over this clients’ Google search ads campaign from a previous agency, we realized there were a large number of underperforming keywords and ads. The client was investing as much as they could—and generating a fair amount of leads—but the entire budget was devoted to search advertising. By tightening up the campaign and eliminating the waste, we delivered the client a solution that cut their search ad spend in half, while maintaining their current level of leads. We then invested the other half (the previously wasted half) into other lead generating tactics to drive even more results.

A Food Packaging Equipment Company

This client’s digital efforts were performing fairly well, but our client felt they could do better, so they hired Pepper Group. When we analyzed their current campaign we realized that some of the ‘highest performing’ keywords in terms of clicks were actually drawing in the wrong traffic. Though these ads appeared to be successful as viewed by clicks and cost per click, they were incredibly unsuccessful in terms of traffic quality and actual conversions. Each click was costing our client money with no possible sale as a result. We completely revamped their campaign and relaunched a new one with better targeting and better ads. During our 3-month test, our new campaign—with the same budget—drove a 104% increase in qualified leads.

A Commercial HVAC Products Company

This client previously put a significant portion of their budget into SEO. Their previous agency reported ‘great’ results, as website traffic increased significantly. The problem, however, is that the traffic increase was 100% generated from consumers searching for a consumer product, not from B2B buyers searching for this company’s offering. After a little investigation, we helped them revamp their marketing initiatives to better focus on their B2B targets.

An Automotive Services Provider

In this case, we helped our client re-think how they were going after prospective employees. Our team applied sponsored content posts—with very specific targeting filters—on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. It was supplemented with a Google remarketing effort. The creative ads targeted prospective employees who weren’t actively searching but might be unhappy with their current employer. The calls to action included interactive tools and videos that beat benchmark averages by 52%, driving hundreds of new, qualified prospective employees (many of whom would not have been searching job postings) to apply.

We can help eliminate the John Wanamaker issue—worrying about which half of your advertising money is being wasted. See how we’ve helped clients put their resources to the best use and read more success stories here.

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