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We’ve Got Your Back

  • We’ve Got Your Back

I saw that Amazon started less than one month before Pepper Group in 1994. Boy, what a little head start can do …

Though Amazon grew a little faster, we’ve been quite successful as well. And as our big anniversary approaches, I’ve been very retrospective. What got Pepper Group to where we are today?

There have been many things that took a long time to accomplish along the way, and one that we’re very proud of is building and honing a vast network of trusted alliance partners. We’ve been fortunate to be able to amass a great many complimentary and strong alliances with organizations and individuals of high caliber in all fields of business. This network is not only valuable to our needs, but often our clients need similar services.

I remember back when our banker first referred our (now) long-time accounting firm, CJBS, to us. That personal recommendation was a godsend at the time and shortened our search time considerably. Our contact at CJBS soon became a constant source of new introductions over the years, connecting us with new strategic partners and even clients.

They say that 57% of a B2B sale is done before a vendor is contacted. A lot of that research is performed online of course, but it also often includes asking a trusted business partner who they know.

Our approach to bringing value to our clients is very “holistic” in how we render our experience, talents and relationships. If we can save our clients time and reduce their risk in finding a resource for a need that we don’t provide, we strengthen our value and our relationship. And we help them succeed, which is what we’re all about. That’s why they put their trust in us, and our established relationships and partners, to deliver. And we do.

One of our Core Values is “Pride in Craft and Service.” With that, we want to not only be a great creative agency, but to always be of service. If you are looking for a vendor or product for your business, and don’t know where to start, please call us. We have some extraordinary resources to share with you. And we do it because we care. Your success is our success.

You can’t have too many friends, in life or business.

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