PepperMill April 2016

Tim’s Feelin’ Proud

With the advent of the digital information age, they said that soon we wouldn’t need paper anymore. While that hasn’t completely come to fruition yet, we certainly have diminished our dependence on printed reports, brochures, phone books, etc.

When you receive the PepperMill email each month, you might have realized that you can hit the “printer-friendly” button to see all the articles in one running web page, which makes printing out the whole thing quick and efficient. We add that feature in case you’d like to print it out and read it on the train, or tuck it away for later, maybe even pass it along to a friend.

For me, these printouts of newsletters and other articles go in a tray on my desk and when I need a quick read, I grab a few. If I didn’t print them out, they would disappear into the Deleted folder or fall, unread, into the Inbox basement. I call these occurrences “unknowable losses.” Sometimes we have to live with the fact that we can’t absorb all media that is placed before us. But then there are my favorites that I always print out. Yes, I sacrifice some paper and toner in order to preserve the good stuff for later.

Just the other day I picked up a copy of Jeff Blackman’s Results Report from September of last year. I believe I’ve mentioned Jeff before. As a reminder, he is a sales guru, hall of fame speaker, advisor and a good friend. He’s also an incredible writer. I guess if you’re a good speaker, you should be a good writer (though the opposite isn’t necessarily a given).

In this issue, he has his usual tips and tricks, the wisdom of others, and a little mention that the Cubbies were going to be in the playoffs (moment of silence, as we all recall the joys and heartaches of the post-season)—all nuggets of valuable information. But it was a personal story that really hit me. You see, Jeff’s dad was in WWII and had the opportunity to be included in one of the Honor Flights. If you haven’t heard of these, they are free trips for veterans to Washington, D.C. for a spectacular day of honor and remembrance.

You can, and damn well should, read Jeff’s account of that day. I warn you in advance, it will move you—joy, humor, sadness and pride will well up inside you. Before reading this, I’d seen accounts on the news, read about the flights in the paper, and even heard from those who had participated. Jeff’s story really hit home.

So, if you want to participate in celebrating their sacrifices, or want to see if a loved one can participate, I highly urge you to do it. Do it now. The Greatest Generation made our lives today possible.

Tim Padgett

“Almost everything about American society is affected by World War II: our feelings about race; our feelings about gender and the empowerment of women, moving women into the workplace; our feelings about our role in the world. All of that comes in a very direct way out of World War II.”
—Rick Atkinson

“World War II was the last government program that really worked.”
—George Will

Client Spotlight: American Egg Board

Did you know … The New York Times declared 2016 “The Year of Eggs”? It’s the perfect way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the American Egg Board, which has been connecting America’s egg farmers with consumers, and communicating the value of the Incredible Edible Egg™, since 1976. Their mission is simple: increase demand for eggs and egg products through research, education and promotion.

To showcase its impact over the past 40 years, American Egg Board turned to Pepper Group to develop an anniversary “sizzle reel” using decades of iconic advertisements, incredible media impressions, celebrity appearances and more—creating one video that cohesively captures the spirit of the organization and its world-class brand. From White House visits to Disneyland, the American Egg Board has successfully promoted the overall safety and health of eggs, directly impacting the marketplace to help increase sales on behalf of U.S. egg farmers.

The video debuted at a 40th anniversary celebration to “egg-cellent” reviews! Take a look at 40 years of incredible egg promotions … and maybe plan tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, too!

The Funnel-Killer: The Revenue Tower™ is a New Framework for Modern Marketing.

How much has B2B marketing changed in the past 20 years? As you reflect on that, consider that the sales funnel framework was first illustrated in the early 1960s. It was a great concept that has served us well, but in the age of the customer, sellers no longer funnel buyers; the buyers now funnel the sellers.

The Revenue Tower is a new framework that can help you plan a more modern and integrated approach. It will help you clarify marketing priorities and create a stronger and more consistent strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • Where the funnel model falls short and what’s missing
  • A new perspective on how to organize all the complex tactics available to B2B marketers
  • How the Revenue Tower framework can help you build a more effective marketing plan

Download it today

Blazing Forward

Sometimes, to blaze forward, as marketers and as people, we need to put things into perspective. This classic Carl Sagan video, entitled The Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, sums up the significance of everything we do and have ever done, better than anything. 

Impeccably written, it delivers giant thoughts about a tiny place. If you haven’t seen it, treat yourself to three minutes of sheer genius about our mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

Sharla Davis




YouTubin’: Ultimate Problem Solver

This month’s YouTubin’ video is really fascinating! A recently aired segment on BBCTWO’s “Inside the Animal Mind” television show puts the intelligence of crows in the spotlight. In this video clip, Dr. Alex Taylor gives a crow a complicated challenge to retrieve a food treat that can only be solved with the correct execution of 8 mini-puzzles. In combination, this is deemed the most complicated puzzle ever presented to an animal.

The crow was initially given some familiarity with the individual steps in the process, but then had to figure out how to sequence them and how the individual solutions would help get the final reward. Watch for yourself to see if the crow can conquer its task!

After watching that stunning display, it’s quite easy to accept that crows have been determined to have the equivalent intelligence of a seven-year-old human child!

Got some YouTube videos of your own you’d like to share? Just send them my way!

Todd Underwood