PepperMill November 2016

Tim Loves a Good Laugh

It’s November, and a time for giving thanks. This year I’m going to give thanks for something that rejuvenates the soul and sets off a healthy dose of endorphins—humor.

We all laugh at similar things, and sometimes completely different things. That’s why we call it a sense of humor. Some people have a boisterous way of laughing, some are so subdued you wonder if they have a funny bone in their body.

I’d like to turn you on to something that I think will make you laugh because it’s original, unscripted and genuine. Have you seen Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?

Jerry Seinfeld is doing with comedy what Daryl Hall did with music with Live From Daryl’s House. They are sharing inside looks at people in their profession. Daryl does it with new and old stars, as does Jerry. Both of their shows have an eating segment—giving them a feel of “regular people just having a bite and sharing some experiences.” Both hosts show great respect for their guests. And, they’re both on the Internet vs. broadcast TV—a binge-watcher’s dream.

Jerry’s already posted eight seasons of CICGC and each episode is an adventure. Jerry starts out featuring a car that he’s going to use for the day. Usually, something about the vehicle connects to the episode’s guest. I’m not a “car guy,” but Jerry sure is and his description and history of each car is interesting and funny by itself.

Once the guest is picked up, the conversation begins. Jerry knows this isn’t all about Jerry. He’s a great interviewer and a very willing audience to his guests. If you love observational comedy, it’s the best.

Guests have included the A-list of comedy, starting with season 1, episode 1, featuring Larry David. Others include Ricky Gervais, David Letterman, Sarah Silverman, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, his co-stars on Seinfeld, and on and on. He even had President Obama on one episode.

My favorite of all time? Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. It started out with Carl Reiner, but then took a quirky turn into Mel Brooks. Jerry plays it magnificently. Let me just say that TV trays have never looked so funny.

I won’t be a spoiler, just know that if you watch this and don’t laugh heartily, make an appointment with your doctor so she can check the existence of your funny bone. If you lack one, I’ll donate one of mine for transplant.

So be thankful, not just for what you have, but how you feel when laughing.

Tim Padgett

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”
—Michael Pritchard

“Humor is just another defense against the universe.”
—Mel Brooks

Through the Eyes of a Rookie: Be Smarter Tomorrow

“The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.”
—King Solomon

Pepper Group’s core values deeply affect our culture, which affects our attitudes and thus affects our appetites. Yes, our appetites.

Well, not our food cravings, but it definitely feeds our hunger for growth.

Be Smarter Tomorrow is one that we hold closely because it helps us bring value to others. We take time to learn from one another—daily. Learning means progress and progress opposes apathy. By grasping this reciprocal relationship of teaching and learning—we grow.

So, I’m into leadership. Okay, I’m slightly obsessed with it. Here is one of my favorite books on the topic. The most effective leaders whom I either know personally or through reading their books, have one thing in common—they ask great questions.

The quote above is from King Solomon, and I believe he’s onto something extraordinary. In the heart of a person or in other words, at the core of who we are, we constantly discern and relentlessly seek the path ahead of us. Some close their eyes, point aimlessly and walk, but others reach for knowledge to influence their path.

Being smarter tomorrow is a choice we make to not only grow ourselves, but to also be a part of the growth our clients get to experience. The beauty of learning is that it never has an ending. There is no destination. Therefore, the opportunities are endless!

P.S. Ask me about our Higgie—I bet you’ll learn something practical to enhance your culture!

Corey Garrity

Client Spotlight: Griffith Foods

We blend care and creativity to nourish the world.

This is the purpose of Griffith Foods, a trusted partner in the food ingredient marketplace for nearly 100 years. To better position the company to communicate that purpose and what it means to its customers, prospects, partners and employees, Griffith introduced a new name, logo and tagline—and for the past several months, Pepper Group has been helping to bring the new brand to life in a variety of ways.

Our latest project was Griffith’s new Brand Book, designed to be used internally and externally to foster greater understanding of the brand. Working in close partnership with our client, we developed a visually stunning piece that introduces the new Griffith Foods and creates a foundation that can be adapted globally to provide applicable messaging to audiences around the world. Using compelling creative approaches, it draws the reader in to learn more about the Griffith Foods brand—including the company’s strong focus on combining its expertise, capabilities, caring relationships and sustainable approach to meet the needs of food consumers today, while looking ahead to making tomorrow even better.

This print piece debuted in October at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference in Dubai, and more efforts are planned in the coming months to continue to build momentum for Griffith Foods. To learn more about Griffith and how it’s helping to meet the evolving needs of consumers in ways that respect and sustain the planet, visit

“I have a relationship with Pepper Group. I don’t say that lightly, as I’ve worked with several agencies over the past several years that never really understood what story we were trying to tell. So when I refer to a relationship, I’m specifically talking about the ability to bounce ideas back and forth, engage in open conversation, and work together to craft a message we’re both comfortable sharing. When we’re 'in the groove,' I feel like we’re all working for the same organization. That level of partnership makes projects like the 'Brand Book' possible…looking back, it’s abnormal to write copy, create concept artwork, tweak, finalize, and send to print in three weeks. But that’s how much time we had, and they helped make it happen. Quick turnarounds of this complexity don’t happen without a trusting relationship.”
—Tony Barenie, Global Communication Manager, Griffith Foods

Novelty Multiplier #3: Employee Volunteering App—Teer1

Want to enhance your company’s social impact? Try this Pepper Group Novelty Multiplier™.

74% of people say volunteering improves their job satisfaction. But corporate volunteering programs can be time-consuming to manage, and most companies say they could be doing it better.

Teer1 makes employee volunteering easier, more fun and more effective. The customizable mobile app allows employees to sign up for company events, collaborate with coworkers and post pictures and comments. They can also share their personal volunteering activities, suggest new events, and include friends and families.

What truly differentiates Teer1 is not only the advanced, employee-focused technology, but the fact that it is combined with a proven program methodology and best practices to maximize success.

Employee volunteering creates powerful benefits for your employees, your community and your business. Teer1 will help you make it happen.

George Couris

Blazing Forward

In the next decade, your Uber ride might be a flight. Google is in the planning stages of an on-demand flight-sharing service that could revolutionize transportation. Again.

The company is developing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology because it believes that every year, we’re wasting millions of hours on the road worldwide.

Commuters will ride a “network of small, electric VTOL aircraft that will enable rapid, reliable transportation between suburbs and cities and, ultimately, within cities.” They could potentially shave a two-hour commute down to 15 minutes, enhancing our productivity.

Unlike helicopters, electric VTOL aircraft would produce zero emissions. These on-demand flights would be affordable, prices would decrease over time, and “vertiports” would be located on the tops of buildings, helipads and on unused land.

Read Uber’s intriguing whitepaper here.

Sharla Davis