PepperMill March 2017

Tim’s Pumpin’

Last week I met up with a very smart friend for breakfast.

Bert Brown is a fellow entrepreneur and all-around good guy.

He knew that I recently started learning about and practicing weight training (yeah, don’t fall over laughing). As a young man, I was always the twig. At 19 years old I was 6'4" and 170 lbs. Today I have a sturdier base (insert giggle here) and I’d like to trim it down a bit, add bone density and muscle mass. I’d like to make sure that during my next 20 years I’m a high-functioning old guy. 

So, back to Bert, who by the way, is a marathoner, triathlete and wilderness junkie. I was lamenting that one thing I don’t like about working out is counting calories because I’m so in tune with how much work it takes to burn them off. Of course he said, “And that’s a bad thing?”

Well, with menu in hand, I willed myself to skip the bacon and hashbrowns—normal yummy stuff prior to the training regimen. All those flavors? It’s hard. Responsibly, I went for the lox, cucumbers, tomatoes and half a bagel.

Then Bert went on to put things in a perspective that I never thought of, but makes perfect sense. There are very few things that you can solely focus on (exercise) that have so many positive outcomes. If you work on your exercise, you naturally get all of these for free:

  • Sleep better
  • Have more energy
  • Eat better
  • Improve your mental health
  • Lose weight
  • Have better balance and posture
  • Experience accomplishment satisfaction
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Manage physical tasks easier
  • Improve memory
  • Are less susceptible to disease
  • Live longer

That clarity of focusing on one thing, with all your energy, to get all these benefits? A lot easier than trying to focus on fixing them individually.

Thanks, Bert. You are giving me a motivating perspective I never had before. Those extra burpees this morning were in honor of you!

Special shout out to Dan Heuertz, business consultant extraordinaire, who committed to 6am M-W-F to buddy up with me in this weight training adventure. Remember our credo: Bigger, Stronger, Enjoy Living Longer!

Tim Padgett

“Your health account, your bank account, they’re the same thing. The more you put in, the more you can take out. Exercise is king and nutrition is queen. Together you have a kingdom.””
—Jack LaLanne

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

Client Spotlight: Envista Forensics

For many companies that experience rapid growth and change, there comes a time when a new brand is needed to create the platform for future growth.

That was exactly the case with PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting Services. In 2014, PT&C and LWG had joined forces to create a global leader in forensic engineering. Carrying both names forward was important for continuity with clients and employees. After two years of growth, however, the company was ready to truly move forward as one organization, united behind a new name and brand. Pepper Group was proud to partner with PT&C|LWG on a complete brand launch.

We researched the market and competitors, and interviewed both internal stakeholders and clients to be sure that what made the company distinct and strong carried forward in the new name. PT&C|LWG already had a tagline, “Certainty in an uncertain world,” that resonated well with audiences, so we knew we needed to develop a brand that would support that statement. After providing several recommendations, the winning name was Envista Forensics—a name that clearly places the company in the forensics market while also capturing its strength in investigation with a truly global feel.

From there, we brought the brand to life through a comprehensive set of materials that included a new logo, style guide, stationery, website updates, trade show booth designs and a full suite of sales collateral. We helped Envista announce their new brand to clients through a high-end calendar mailing that highlighted the company’s thought leadership, as well as through materials to support a client event at a conference soon after launch. And we got employees excited through an engaging, personalized gift package that included their new business cards as well as fun branded items.

With the new brand’s foundation established, Pepper Group is continuing to work with Envista to get the word out, including the development of a new trade ad campaign. Learn more about Envista at

“I haven’t been shy in ‘singing the praises’ of your entire team—it’s been a pleasure to work with everyone at your company and frankly, you’ve made this massive rebrand project accomplishable.”
—Jennifer Gaster, Vice President, Marketing, Envista Forensics

Novelty Multiplier #5: Red “Reveal” Glasses

Need to communicate a complex concept in just seconds? See how we applied this novelty multiplier to create a powerful “ah-ha!” moment.

A few years ago, Huron Legal was launching a revolutionary e-discovery solution that eliminated up to 70% of irrelevant data right from the start. It was a tremendous cost and time savings, but also a difficult solution to explain quickly.

We spread the word to 900 targeted C-level legal executives by ratcheting up the “wow” factor. First, we established a theme about “seeing things differently.” Next, we sent them red reveal glasses that magically made irrelevant data disappear when they watched our video. The campaign was so successful that in just two weeks, Huron had scheduled 45 meetings.

The theme and the red reveal glasses also supported a dramatic internal launch; including t-shirt messaging and strategically-colored M&M's that were used in employee lounges and sales presentations. It was extended into advertising and other sales tools as well. For a trade show, we offered the ultimate chance to “see things differently”—a trip aboard Virgin Galactic. The promotion resulted in more than a 60% increase in qualified leads over the previous year.

This is just one more example of how we apply limitless creativity to help you win. Want to see the full case study and talk about how we can help you communicate a complex solution quickly and effectively? Let’s talk.

George Couris

Top 5 From the Creative Suite

Do you ever wonder what designers are thinking about while designing your logo? Read about what’s on our minds in our new column, Top 5 from the Creative Suite

Logos are the most recognizable aspect of a company. You may have seen a logo 1,000 times but not realized that there is more to it.  Graphic Designers like to hide messages in logos, sometimes to better represent the company they are providing their skills for or to see if they can get people to smile at their witty design. Here are my top 5 logos with hidden messages.

Tostitos Logo     

#5 Tostitos

Everyone has seen this logo, it’s my go to when I’m at the grocery store looking for chips to go with my famous salsa. If you look closely you can see the middle two t’s resemble people sharing a chip over a bowl of salsa which happens to be the dot on the i.


Baskin Robbins     

#4 Baskin Robbins

My 4th favorite hidden meaning logo is the Baskins Robbins logo—it’s a fun logo I see more of than I probably should. The large BR is obvious, but what is less obvious is the right side of the B and the left side of the R are pink which together appear as the number 31. If you didn’t already know, 31 represents how many flavors Baskin Robbins has.



#3 Cisco

The next logo is subtler then the previous two—Cisco is based on the west coast in San Francisco, California. The name of the company is the last five letters of its home city and the logo represents its famous bridge, the Golden Gate.


Le Tour de France      

#2 Le Tour de France

I‘m an avid biker and every year during the month of July I enjoy Le Tour de France. Their logo is simple, but fun, and if you look closely there is an odd yellow circle to the right. If you look even closer you realize it’s the front wheel of a bike for the small stick figure riding it represented by the R.



#1 Milwaukee Brewers

This logo isn’t officially used anymore but it is a fan favorite and will be for the foreseeable future. The Milwaukee Brewers are not the best team in baseball but they do give the other teams a run for their money when it comes to the coolness of their logo. At first glance it looks like an illustrated glove, which it is. What is a little less obvious is the large M and B that make the glove. Growing up in Wisconsin, I used to see this logo all the time which had a big influence on my interest in Graphic Design.

Have a favorite logo? Email it to me!

Joe Whittington

360° video: Outdoor Relaxation

Welcome to a brand new feature in the Pepper Mill, our 360° video of the month!

Pepper Group added 360° videography and editing to its offerings last year and we are continually experimenting with new channels to use full spherical recording. Factory tours and event coverage are a couple of obvious opportunities, but the sky doesn't even seem to be the limit for new 360 ideas.

Playback of 360 videos is most immersive if you have some form of a Google Cardboard viewer and can open the video in the YouTube app on your smartphone. Email me if you don't have a viewer and I will send you one. But, you can still have a lot of fun with it by making the video fullscreen on your desktop and clicking and dragging your mouse to explore.

For this first feature, I chose to hang out at some of my most relaxing outdoor places in Illinois and give you an opportunity to experience them virtually. There are five segments to it and they include scenes from Deer Grove Forest Preserve, Starved Rock State Park and Monroe Harbor. Pay particular attention at around the 2:50 mark as I had placed the camera on a fallen tree over a creek and a gray squirrel chose that same tree to cross over the water. You can look down and follow him as he bounds within an inch of knocking the camera into the creek!

Want more? Check out our Pepper Group holiday 360 offering.
Don't have a 360° viewer of your own? Email me and I’ll send you a custom Pepper Group Google Cardboard viewer.

Todd Underwood