PepperMill April 2019

Tim Loves Questions

“Why do you love marketing so much?” 

That was a recent Quora question and I just had to see how people responded.

It keeps me young.
Violeta Morales

Marketing is a great differentiator. For instance, a real estate agent with marketing skills vs. a real estate agent without marketing skills. Which agent do you think makes more money, regardless of their skills?
Coree Young

I enjoy how diverse it is.
Alycia Hayne

It allows you to use your creativity in a strategic way.
Heidi Haskell

Learning marketing is learning life.
Ricky Arnold

 Like any researcher, I realized that there are a lot of people who love marketing. So I wanted to see how Quora contributors defined, “What is marketing?”

I was not surprised to hear all the definitions that were curated from sources like dictionaries, Wikipedia and business gurus around the world. I think we all understand that marketing is an integrated system to promote products and services to audiences that would find value in them.

 But it wasn’t until I scrolled all the way down to Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network, that the nail was hit on the head. I hadn’t heard of the Genius Network. Apparently, it “is the place high level entrepreneurs go to get their next big breakthrough with access to connection, contribution and collaboration, not available anywhere else.” And it costs $25,000 to join. Now this is a guy who can market!

 If you don’t have a spare $25k, you can at least take this nugget from Joe on Quora: “As a business owner, I want to know that for every dollar invested I’m generating four, ten, twenty, fifty back in return.”

While in the truest sense of the question, it might not be a literal definition of What is Marketing? But in the spirit of the question, it’s the most relevant meaning. It’s an investment, first and foremost. A worthy one, I might add.

Tim Padgett

We never stop investigating. We are never satisfied that we know enough to get by. Every question we answer leads on to another question. This has become the greatest survival trick of our species.
—Desmond Morris

Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back
—Thomas Sowell

Client Spotlight: Wheeling Auto Center’s 15th Annual Art Contest

This month Wheeling Auto Center hosted its 15th Annual Art Contest for local school children, featuring the theme Turn up the radio, because this car loves to dance. Originally conceived as a way to spruce up their reception walls, the contest has grown into a much-anticipated annual event. An average of 335 students in grades K-8 from eight local schools enthusiastically participate each year. Judging is conducted by Wheeling Auto Center staff and the Pepper Group creative team.

Each year Pepper Group creates a new theme and poster, coordinates the contest and MC’s the award ceremony with Wheeling Auto staff. Past themes include: Cars of the Past, Vehicles from Other Planets, My Dream Car, If Animals Could Drive What Would They Drive and many more.

All winning artwork gets professionally framed and displayed in the Wheeling Auto Center reception area for one year. All participants receive a $5 Oberweis gift card and winners receive $100 prizes at an awards ceremony held at WAC in May. The ceremony has become a family celebration of the student’s artistry.

Wheeling Auto Center believes in serving the community where it conducts business not only through its art contest but by supporting:

National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society

The Greater Illinois Chapter of the National MS Society

National Junior Disability Championships (NJDC)

Bumper to Bumper Charity Car Repair Campaign

District 214 Job Shadow Program

Girl Scout Troop #3700 and #782

Boy Scout Troop #140

and Indian Trails Public Library. 

Lynn Ankele

Are You Missing the Talent Marketing Boat?

Talent marketing elevates your talent brand. This helps you cut costs per hire by 50%. It also has been shown to cut turnover rates by 28% and increase profitability by 16%! Go ahead and do a quick calculation of what that might mean for your company. Even the most conservative number crunching will show the significant value that can be gained.

How is your company doing in this area? Why not take 3 minutes and find out? We’ve developed a Talent Marketing Self-Assessment that will help you see your areas of strength and weakness, and identify where you can have significant impact.

Are you marketing your company effectively to attract and retain great talent? Take the survey and see!

George Couris

Great Marketing, No Fooling

If you’re like me, there just isn’t enough time in the day, so it was exciting to hear that an extra hour had been discovered, and apparently only available to people wearing a Timex watch.

This remarkable breakthrough product solves that age-old time management problem by giving you more of it. See the video here.

(Did you watch it? Great!)

There are literally dozens of “April Fools” videos like that one, produced by prominent companies from Canadian airline Westjet announcing their conversion to the metric system, to the new pet-friendly Roku remote.

The best prank videos make sense as an extension of the brand or product, so they have some marketing value. But what each of them also have in common is that these companies have a sense of humor. They come across as likeable, and approachable. Everyone knows that people prefer doing business with people they like, but people also prefer to do business with businesses they like. That’s why we market great customer service. That’s why we create easy-to-use websites (nothing makes a business more unlikeable than a jumbled, frustrating web experience). And that’s why reading techno-speak is often less effective than a more casual marketing voice. A business doesn’t need to create a viral video to be likeable (although it doesn’t hurt), it just needs to sound human and appeal to people.

By the way, Google is always one of the biggest creators of April 1st videos. This was one of my favorites this year.

Allan Woodrow