About Pepper Group

Pluck the sharpest marketing talent from the Chicago area

Put them in a creativity-enhancing space, feed them endless challenges, sprinkle in a few late-afternoon craft beers, and wrap it all up in a culture that’s recognized as one of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work ForTM.

Our clients will tell you that Peppers give you more than you ask for, think through every detail of a request, ask questions you haven’t thought of, look for ways to deliver greater results and consistently dream up the unexpected. 

Our name 

It came out of scads of brainstorming sessions, wastebaskets full of rejected monikers and neck-and-neck campaigns for favorites. 

Pepper Group made the final cut because it sums up what we do. Our seasoned professionals add spice to our clients’ communications and drive revenue and profitability through effective marketing. And on the flip side, we’re thirsty for continual improvement and constant learning. 


In 1994, Tim Padgett set out to create a new marketing services company. One that would provide clients with the utmost quality and value, and provide employees with a great place to work, learn and grow. 

Starting as a one-man operation, the company quickly added clients and brought in top design and web talent. Acquiring a multimedia company in 1998, Pepper Group added video and animation capabilities. 

In 2002, Pepper Group matured from its roots in graphic design into a full-service marketing agency, delivering strategic marketing, consulting, planning and the full capabilities to implement every tactic and activity. 

Today, we are a winning combination of an incredibly talented staff and an extraordinary passion for helping our clients succeed. Our team of seasoned professionals works with the perfect mix of discipline and fun, delivering outstanding results for each project and every client.