Cut Flowers Company Launch: Website Design and Identity—BloomStudios

Cut Flowers Company Launch: Website Design and Identity—BloomStudios

The Challange

When one of the largest growers and distributors of seeds and ornamental crops in the world decided to launch a brand new division, one dedicated to cut flowers, they needed the right partner to plant the seeds for success. So they approached Pepper Group.

The Solution

We immediately got our hands dirty, which seemed fitting. We analyzed their competitors’ websites, examined their existing marketing content, interviewed employees, and sat down with their key stakeholders during a number of discovery meetings.

The operational team had already done a lot of groundwork, but they needed us to help bring their brand to life. We developed their brand platform and pillars, and created a distinct direction and identity for the division. They still needed a name, so we helped solicit suggestions from their entire worldwide team, thousands strong, as well as our own internal team. After narrowing down the very long list, checking against copyrights, websites and using the groups’ consensus opinion, BloomStudios was born.

We soon launched the brand globally with a logo and purposeful brand identity, strategic website design and copy and more, to attract and interest buyers throughout the supply chain.

The Result

We are also continuing to sow new seeds—next steps include launching a social media campaign. All of this is being done to help the new BloomStudios fulfill their internal mission to “ignite imagination with every stem.” Mission accomplished.

Welcome to Pepper Group’s business propulsion laboratories.