How We Do It

Let’s shatter expectations. Let’s boldly move ahead. Let’s create B2B marketing that’s never boring. Always fresh. Forever urgent.

Pepper Group is a finely tuned team of seasoned marketing professionals dedicated to applying the best of digital, design, video and new communication technology to help you achieve your goals. Our holistic approach combines best-in-class strategy and always-evolving digital marketing expertise to provide exponential results.

Our goal? To reach your target audience. Draw their interest. And propel them to action—as effectively and powerfully as possible. So, let’s dive into your business. Let’s create the unexpected. Let’s leave “good enough” behind and replace it with “always better.”

Technology is our bread and butter, which is why the old way of doing things is toast.

Creativity and experience make our work powerful. Here are some of the marketing technologies we use to maximize our effectiveness.

What happens when you put a team in a creativity-enhancing space, feed them endless challenges, and sprinkle in a few late afternoon craft beers?

You get consistently powerful work and a culture that’s recognized as one of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™️. Our clients will tell you that Peppers give you more than you ask for, think through every detail of a request, ask questions you haven’t thought of, look for ways to deliver greater results and consistently dream up the unexpected.

  • George Couris
    President & CEO

    Out of the office, George is an expert on Fox River boating and Greek olive oil. During business hours, he uses his 20 years of marketing and business planning experience to deliver strategic, effective, results-driven programs for Pepper Group clients. He is also a member of the DePaul University Marketing Advisory Council, a mentor to high-growth startups, Past President of the Chicago AMA and a Chicago Booth School of Business MBA. George’s scribbles are legendary, on whiteboards and paper. They’re always genius marketing ideas—the trick is deciphering them!

  • Allan Woodrow
    Copy Director

    Our copy guru, Allan, is passionate about writing. He has been crafting advertising concepts longer than he cares to admit. If he isn’t simmering a mouth-watering concoction of words and ideas for our clients to feast on—whether for a website, brochure, online or print campaign, trade show booth, video or anything else—you might find him writing novels, post-it notes, and even grocery lists. (Did we mention that Allan is also a pretty good chef, and a children’s book author?)

  • Jessie Atchison
    Jessie Atchison
    Vice President, Director of Strategy

    It’s hard to say which you’ll notice about Jessie first—her laser-perfect handwriting or her laser-sharp marketing mind. Either way, Jessie is the queen of strategy. At Pepper Group, she develops masterful brand platforms and marketing plans that support the strategic objectives of our clients. There’s a chance you’ll also catch her riding her beloved road bike or breaking concrete blocks with her mad tae kwon do skills.

  • Tim Padgett

    Nice guys really do finish first. Tim’s all the proof you need. His roots go back to the printing industry, but in 1994 he set out on his own as a marketer and founded Pepper Group. Over the past 28 years, he’s built an award-winning agency that serves a broad variety of B2B businesses, from local manufacturers and trade organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Tim loves to tell stories. If you have time, ask him what it’s like when your hike is intercepted by a grizzly bear. Apparently, even the bear could tell a nice guy when he saw one.

  • Joe Whittington
    Senior Interaction Designer

    Some designers start with a color palette or a font. Joe begins by doing his homework. He excels at research and understanding technical information that gives added dimension to his designs. He also challenges himself to build on what’s been done before for a client, and come up with something new yet true to the brand. When he’s not biking, boating or wakeboarding, you may catch this Green Bay Packers stockholder (ask him about his certificate) watching rally or Formula One racing.

  • Eliza Wisinski
    Senior Account Manager

    Eliza’s ambition and drive make her a perfect match for the Pepper team, where her unwavering determination pairs nicely with a personal passion for exploration. During the work week, she excels in crisis management, always ready to tackle any new challenge while uncovering unique but effective solutions. During the weekend, those same traits help her navigate the hardest ski slopes with a smile on her face. Speaking of matches—Eliza also holds a wine spectator certification and can expertly pair the right wine with her favorite cheese. All in all, we feel Eliza pairs well with Pepper Group.

  • Mahek Lakhani
    Senior Account Manager

    Some people know what they want to be their entire lives; Mahek was not one of those people. It was only after working in health tech, then after moving to Madrid to teach English for two years, and then after starting her own design studio that Mahek discovered a love of marketing. Today, Mahek is passionate about diving into a client’s marketing goals to create overarching strategies and then figuring out all the incremental details to bring a project to life. Mahek is confident, and so are we, that she has found her true calling.

  • Minji Kim
    Graphic Designer

    When Minji isn’t snacking on avocado sandwiches (her favorite food) or hitting the speedbag at the gym (she loves to box!), she’s hard at work, learning new design skills. She’s taught herself illustration, coding and 3D design, immersed herself in web design, loves branding identity and more. In short, Minji isn’t afraid to try new things and always eager to expand her multi-disciplinary creativity. After all, how many designers can KO a tough design project, and a sparring partner?

  • Brian Erickson
    Associate Creative Director

    Some people always have something beautiful on their screen, while the rest of us have words and numbers. Brian’s the first type. He’s always designing something that’s visually and strategically stunning. He especially enjoys working on printed pieces and the challenges of the online environment. The only things he likes more than creating award-winning work for clients? Sweet tea and hush puppies, favorites from his North Carolinian roots.

  • Todd Underwood
    Interactive Director

    Make no mistake. Todd proves there’s a direct correlation between being a master of all things audio, video and the web and wearing shorts most of the year and socks without shoes. Our own Steven Spielberg, Todd can take hours of video footage and whittle them down into a powerful video, stage a gala event that runs perfectly, create incredible animations and more. And as new technologies emerge, he’s right on top of them for our clients. If you ever feel like talking about bicycling, Todd’s your man.

  • Lynn Ankele
    Social/Production Manager

    When you see hundreds of jars of mints, custom-printed yarmulkes, boxes of caramels and beautiful paper samples, you know you’re at Lynn’s desk. But finding the lowest prices for our clients and fulfilling odd requests is only part of her job. Lynn can do anything, whether it’s working in InDesign, Dreamweaver, sending out email blasts, handling invoices and purchase orders or keeping everything running smoothly. And did we mention she keeps us all in line with her eagle-eye proofreading skills?

  • Cindy Wojdyla
    Vice President & Creative Director

    If you counted up all the frozen Yoplaits that Cindy enjoys every day, you’d have … a lot of yogurt. Cindy develops the creative strategy for our clients and leads the creative team in the execution of marketing initiatives. A loyal reader of The New York Times, she also enjoys gardening and can tell you stories about Frank Perdue and his black notebook. Those pictures she draws in notebooks at client meetings? They’re not just doodles. They’re the start of the next big idea for our clients.

  • Sharla Davis
    Senior Copywriter

    Sharla has been part of our team of seasoned professionals since 2010, translating marketing strategies into words that connect with an audience and achieve results. Today, when she’s not dreaming up award-winning copy and concepts, you’ll probably find her near her Airstream RV hiking, biking or exploring the country.

  • Stacy Tanzler
    Account Manager

    Our Account Manager Stacy Tanzler discovered a love for marketing in college—this was a surprise since she had been working toward a career in forensic science or law enforcement. Stacy was attracted to marketing’s similar needs for sleuthing and diving deeper to uncover not-so-obvious solutions. But Stacy also loves building relationships and interactions … something hard to do with a cadaver. With her strong work ethic and collaboration skills, the evidence proves Stacy made a smart choice.

  • Cassie Nalls
    Senior Designer

    Cassie has many talents—she can drink coffee, feed her guinea pig and design a website, all at the same time. Part of the Pepper Group team since 2007, Cassie loves helping a business’s marketing come alive. She has a particular talent for brand development and logo design, which she can do while refurbishing a kitchen table.

  • Aaron Boruch
    Director of Digital Marketing

    With over 15 years of experience developing and driving digital marketing strategies, Aaron is a self-proclaimed digital marketing geek. Aaron has been on both the agency and client side of Chicago’s fastest-growing companies in several industries, including emerging tech, education and manufacturing. When he’s not running campaigns or building strategy plans from the ground up, he’s running in 5Ks and taking hikes. With his passion for igniting growth in his clients, Aaron’s marketing skills are matched only by his endurance. But it’s safe to say he’s in it for the long run here at Pepper Group.

  • Bozena Kulka
    Senior Graphic Designer

    Bozena has an eye for detail. Walking down the street, she can’t help but notice subtle intricacies in architecture or decorative accents in interior design. Her vast experience in design, art and illustration has given her a keen sense of what works. Whether meticulously crafting well-balanced layouts or reviewing color palettes, she leaves nothing unchecked. When she is not creating, she’s planning. On her regular nature walks, she comes up with game plans for stunning visuals or her next Battleship move (her favorite game). Regardless, with her artistic background and strategic prowess, her skills allow her to navigate uncharted waters to bring any vision to life.

  • Erica Dreisbach
    Website Developer

    Erica isn’t just a web developer; she’s an expert at taking challenges and turning them into epic journeys. With a lifetime passion for adventure and exploring, she approaches each challenge as a quest, armed with coding prowess and a can-do attitude. Whether it’s dissecting a website or when she’s out in the world ascending Icelandic glaciers, Erica is not afraid to tackle any obstacle. With an explorer’s heart and a programmer’s mind, she’s become a digital trailblazer who can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Grace Rodi
    Account Manager

    A lifelong sports enthusiast, Grace excels at making crucial game-day decisions to guide her clients, drawn from a passion for PR and advertising. Her marketing playbook is crafted by an uncanny ability to adapt and think quickly, partially shaped by her family moving 17 times throughout her childhood. Beyond the office, Grace dreams of watching her beloved University of Texas Longhorns win an NCAA football championship. In the meantime, she’ll continue to reference her winning strategies, delivering crucial ideas that drive her clients to resounding victories.

  • Miranda Steczak
    Account Manager

    As a former baton twirler for the University of Arkansas, Miranda is no stranger to long routines and even longer days on the field. That experience gave her the skillset to tackle any challenge thrown (or twirled) her way. She brings that same grit and flair into her Pepper Group projects, where she collaborates closely with clients in order to score big wins. While the marketing field is a bit different from the football field, those long nights perfecting her twirling have prepared her to tirelessly plan and execute winning routines for her clients today.

  • Haily Kaufman
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    When you need someone who can think on the fly, Haily’s your best bet. She can craft an impactful action plan for her clients faster than you can say “SEO.” With the speed of a caffeinated millennial and the finesse of a seasoned professional, Haily makes sure you won’t second-guess her marketing strategies. Aching for a tasty tiramisu recipe to pair with your data insights? Haily’s also a self-proclaimed foodie, eager to whip up the perfect dessert along with a delicious marketing plan.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary recently. The cake is long gone (sorry) but this video still reflects who we are today.

Welcome to Pepper Group’s business propulsion laboratories.


“I’d like to thank you for all your help. We could not have had a successful NYSCC 2022 without you and your team!”

Rebecca Belmer, Key Account Manager


“Dear All – I wanted to write and say a huge thanks for helping deliver this video for us, it’s a major step forward! Roll on the next one.”

Warren Dudding

Ciorba Group

“The brochures turned out fantastic! I was so excited to see them this morning when I came back from vacation. Love them so much! Thank you and the whole Pepper Team for all your hard work and creativity!”

Holly L. Ryan, Marketing Manager
Ciorba Group

Bronswick Benjamin P.C. 2

“If you want creative and innovative ideas, Pepper Group is fantastic. Also, their talent marketing work is top notch. We used Pepper Group to help us with core values creation, unique signage, awards programs and much more. I can truly say that Pepper Group has been a big contributor to improving our firm’s culture.”

Jeff Bronswick, Managing Partner
Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

Hitchcock Design Group

“We appreciated the custom process and approach that Pepper Group took to helping us create our brand platform. Due to the time and effort that they spent with us, as well as our clients during that process, they already understood our culture which allowed us to transition seamlessly into having them develop our new brochure and website.”

Dawn Jones, Marketing Coordinator
Hitchcock Design Group

Envista Forensics 2

“I just received my personalized “Stronger than Ever” box. Please tell management that it was such a thrill to open that I stopped and then shared it with my wife! In Dale Carnegie’s book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, he says that seeing one’s name in print (on the outside of the box) is a thrilling event. A name tag, a coffee cup and of course the ever important business cards were icing on the cake! Thanks for that cool, personalized experience. That’s what I get from Apple products!”

Thanks for a good transition in brand name.  I’m excited about our future.

Chris Andres, PE, CFEI, Senior Project Engineer, Mechanical/Electrical
Envista Forensics


“Thank you so much. You offer such outstanding event staging service … I know I don’t have to worry about anything with the sound, lights and technology.”

Jean Schober, Vice President


“Thanks so much for doing this for us. You have no idea how good it feels to have a website that looks awesome, the content is legit, everything looks awesome. We really appreciate it.”

Nikki Martin Kobiljak, Client Happiness Officer


“Website looks amazing guys!!! Sent to my family and it’s already been shared across the world. Big family 😉.”

Eshani Burdick, Director, Sulfates & Specialty Esters

RedMane Technology

“I was so excited when I saw the video. This is just outstanding. We loved every minute of it.”

Tony Lakier, President
RedMane Technology


“I just wanted to pass along a thanks and nice work to the Pepper team on the DEI piece. I know we’re still finalizing some stuff on the backend, but I shared the page with the managing directors over research and they both loved it.”

Tina Saigh, Senior Marketing Manager - Research

Technetics Group

“I had a meeting with our analytics team yesterday and wanted to pass along the good report. They said this was one of the best web redesign projects they had seen. Great job on all the redirects, meta tags, alt-tags, etc. Everything looked good from an SEO and analytics standpoint.


Lea Johnson, Marketing Manager
Technetics Group


“Really appreciate your quick turnaround, great service, collaboration and partnership!!!!!”

Dianne Lucca, Manager, Digital Services-Email


“I love it and couldn’t be happier with the final product! The Pepper team did a fantastic job, and it was a pleasure working with you all.”

Kari Pandilidis, Marketing Communications Manager

Gerber Collision & Glass

“We knew we had a great place to work, and a lot to offer new team members. Pepper Group helped us pull it all together with a cohesive message, and tools and tactics that allow us to communicate that message effectively. I’m a satisfied customer!”

R.J. Gerber, Marketing Communications Manager
Gerber Collision & Glass

Senior Business Development Manager Omron Automation

“We are getting great feedback on the event itself, and you helped us to make it such a success!!!”

Keith Kersten, Senior Business Development Manager
Omron Automation

Envista Forensics

“I haven’t been shy with our internal team in ‘singing the praises’ of your entire team—it’s been a pleasure to work with everyone at your company and frankly you’ve made this massive rebrand project accomplishable.”

Jennifer Gaster, Vice President, Marketing
Envista Forensics


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