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Let’s get to work. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make the hard choices look easy, and the right choices look righter.

Whatever you need we’ve got you covered, from branding to lead generation and everything in between—plus things that aren’t really in-between but are just as important. It’s about sales. It’s about impact. It’s about results now, but also what’s next: next week, next month, next year and keep on going.

Rebrand or Upgrade Your Brand

‘Cause Cookie Cutter Won’t Cut It

You don’t have a same-old business. So stop with the same-old marketing. If your company’s messaging feels tired, let’s wake it up. If your service or product blends in with the crowd, let’s set it apart. At Pepper Group we put your strengths front and center, giving you a distinctive and memorable look and voice that you can own—and only you can own. Along the way, we’ll raise the bar for your industry and lower the boom on your competitors.

  • Ciorba Group Thumbnail
    Engineering Company Rebranding—Ciorba Group
  • Envista Check
    Engineering Company Rebranding—Envista Forensics
  • Redmane Post-it's
    Software Solutions Video, Website Design and Collateral—RedMane Technology

Launch Something

Turn Your Big Idea into Something Bigger

You’ve spent months or years developing your new product or service. It’s ready. Now, let’s make you some money. Whether your product or service grows or withers might depend on its marketing. Fortunately, we have your back. Our “Spicy Marketing” process has helped hundreds of companies succeed like nobody’s business. We’ll create a strategic campaign that makes people sit up, take notice, and sign on the dotted line.

  • BloomStudio Thumbnail
    Cut Flowers Company Launch: Website Design and Identity—BloomStudios
  • RegenX
    Street Sweeper Product Launch: Multimedia Campaign and Website Design—RegenX
  • Challenger Lighting
    “Masters of Light” eCatalog and Website Design—Challenger Lighting

Generate Demand

We’ve Got Your Sales Pipeline Ready

Your sales force is ready. Your prospects are primed. What’s next? Let’s make getting leads easier with the resources you and the sales team need. We know that finding and attracting prospects is part art and part science. At Pepper Group we excel at both. Our strategic, lead generation campaigns not only can start a dialogue, but close the deal.

  • Huron Thumbnail
    “See Things Differently” Trade Show Marketing and Video—Huron Legal
  • Follett Campaign
    Educational Services Provider Rebranding—Follett
  • Tax Consultant Digital and Content Marketing—True Partners

Create & Share Content

Sell it, Without Selling it

You know your business inside and out. You’re an encyclopedia of industry know-how. Let’s tap into it. Share it. Spread the word with websites and white papers, blog articles and social posts, newsletters and viral videos. When your business is top-of-mind it’s also king of the mountain. Because when prospects perceive you as the authority, they become more than readers—they become your clients.

  • EconPTW Logo mark
    Online Pricing Tool Launch: Website Design and Ad Campaign—EconPTW
  • Permatron Filters
    Air Filtration Manufacturer Website Design and Ad Campaign—Permatron
  • Business Consulting Launch: Multimedia Campaign and Website Design— Traction Group

Sales Enablement

Power Up Your Sales Team

If you’re not one thing, you might not be anything. Let’s unify your communication. Let’s create a seamless integration of digital and print, look and feel, across all your touchpoints so that your company has one clear, powerful identity. From online resources to printed sales support, we’ll deliver smart positioning and tactical support that makes a lasting impression.

  • TmaxSoft Traffic
    Software Developer Website Design, Collateral and Video—TmaxSoft
  • North American Value Solutions
    Corporate Recruitment and Talent Marketing—North American
  • Edlong Food
    Flavor Company Brand Development and Multimedia—Edlong

HR Communications

Attract and Retain the A List

Let’s find the best talent and get them on your team. Let’s make your business the place where others wish they worked. Let’s get new recruits singing your virtues, your current team buzzing with new-found excitement, and your competition wishing “we did that.” We’ll help you build an HR communication strategy that will strengthen your culture and rally the team. From recruitment videos to employee newsletters, office signage to welcome kits, let’s strengthen the voice of your organization.

  • Coplan and Crane Test
    Law Firm Talent Marketing and New Employee Materials—Coplan + Crane
  • Gerber Collision and Glass Closeup
    Collision Repair Center Talent Marketing—Gerber Collision and Glass
  • Advanced Resources
    Staffing Firm Video, Print and Social—Advanced Resources


Tap Our Marketing Brains and Hands

Let’s create something great. Coffee table books and custom wall art. Event marketing and outdoor signage. Print campaigns and posters. Whatever marketing odds n’ ends you have, we’re ready. Large or small, fast turnaround or longer timelines—what do you want? Just give us a shout and consider it done.

  • TRUVAC performance
    Vacuum Excavator Launch: Website Design and Multimedia Campaign: TRUVAC
  • Probat Coffee Grinders
    Coffee Roasting Equipment Trade Show Marketing—Probat
  • Griffith Foods
    Food Product Developer Talent Marketing—Griffith Foods

Welcome to Pepper Group’s business propulsion laboratories.



Terry Nakagawa, Vice President, Global Marketing

Sogeti USA

“The ideas Pepper Group developed for Innovate were fresh, creative and exceeded our expectations. You helped us energize our employees and made sure that every person visiting the show knew we were there. After an incredibly fun few days, we ended up with 235 leads—more than we’ve ever generated from this show—and two weeks later, we have already scheduled follow-up meetings with five of them. Fantastic!”

Nicole Scrivener
Sogeti USA

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

“The amount of dedication and care to all elements of our intended message is what ultimately drove such a strong graphic result. Pepper Group was dedicated to understanding our business from the inside out in order to provide us a creative direction that fit our brand personality. They translated the vision I had for this project with precision and a unique “out of the box” creative approach that sets their marketing apart from their competitors.”

Nicole Warren, PR & Marketing Supervisor
Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Domino North America

“We couldn’t be happier with the program from Pepper. From the collaboration to the development of the creative and the execution, it was such a positive experience. If Domino had a version of Pepper Group’s “kick ass” award, we would give it to their team.”

Tara Abbott, Marketing Manager
Domino North America

Huron Consulting Group

“The campaign Pepper Group devised and executed with precision was an essential element in the successful launch of our service. As we were introducing a completely new and complex offering, clearly and persuasively communicating key uses and benefits was a must—and Pepper Group helped us do just that.”

Diane Doherty, Marketing Director
Huron Consulting Group

American Auto Guardian, Inc. (AAGI)

“The ROI is evident with everything they produce.”

Susan Buchholz VP, Marketing and Human Resources
American Auto Guardian, Inc. (AAGI)


“I have watched this a few times. You have done a spectacular job. We Roar is ‘goose bump’ time.”

Tony Lakier


“I am very happy with this report … very nice work. I hope you are as proud as we are.”

Mike Lenzi, Senior Creative Coordinator; Strategic Marketing

Hitchcock Design Group

“We appreciated the custom process and approach that Pepper Group took to helping us create our brand platform. Due to the time and effort that they spent with us, as well as our clients during that process, they already understood our culture which allowed us to transition seamlessly into having them develop our new brochure and website.”

Dawn Jones
Hitchcock Design Group

Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

“If you want creative and innovative ideas, Pepper Group is fantastic. Also, their talent marketing work is top notch. We used Pepper Group to help us with core values creation, unique signage, awards programs and much more. I can truly say that Pepper Group has been a big contributor to improving our firm’s culture.”

Jeff Bronswick, Managing Partner
Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

True Partners Consulting LLC

“You guys, these are SO good!!! I’m so impressed with Anli’s polish and the completeness of the videos already! Thank you!”

Amanda Sturdevant, Marketing Director
True Partners Consulting LLC

Ciorba Group

“The brochures turned out fantastic! I was so excited to see them this morning when I came back from vacation. Love them so much! Thank you and the whole Pepper Team for all your hard work and creativity!”

Holly L. Ryan, Marketing Manager
Ciorba Group


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