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  • Celebrating Our Core Values: Scraped Knees
    At Pepper Group, our core values remind us of what’s most important. They help us remember when it’s time to take a deep breath, and when it’s time to...
  • It’s Planning Season But Don’t Forget about 2021
    November usually kicks off the planning season. You start to look at budgets and goals for the coming year, usually with great optimism. But don’t forget about 2021 quite...
  • What's Your Personal Brand?
    Years ago, I was starting a new sales position for a printing company. I went to three weeks of training in Atlanta, and when I got back, I was...
  • How Do We Do it?
    We move prospects from considering to purchasing, users from clicking to bookmarking, and existing customers coming back for more. But moving people isn’t as easy as we make it...
  • Bookshelf Roulette
    Let’s take a little detour in the Dog Days of Summer and share a some fun and facts with a little game I like to call Bookshelf Roulette!
  • You Scream, We Scream, I Scream for Pepper Group
    Chocolate? Mint? Moose Tracks? At Pepper Group, we like to get to know our clients and each other as people. As friends. That’s the origin of our Sharing Scroll....
  • Chicago’s 2021 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For
    Pepper Group is proud to announce that for the 9th year in a row we have been named one of Chicago’s 2021 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.
  • We Move People
    At Pepper Group, our Purpose Statement is: We Move People. Well, we are physically moving our people—from the fourth floor of our building to the third. We’ve reduced our...
  • New Company Launch: Website and Branding—Kensing
    Back in February, One Rock Capital Partners came to us with an exciting acquisition of a BASF chemical manufacturing site in Kankakee, IL. They had four months to carve...
  • What are your Content Marketing Goals (and how can...
    We do a lot of content marketing at Pepper Group, and we’re always taking every opportunity to add to our toolkit and get smarter. I recently attended the Ad...
  • Great Creative, Now!
    Just how fast can something be done? There are physical and mental limitations to anything. Even with the speed and precision of robotics, manufacturing is limited at some point...
  • New Engineering Division Logo and Microsite—Technetics Semi
    The parent company of our client Technetics Group, Enpro, recently created a new segment called Advanced Surface Technologies. The new segment contains two other Enpro companies, as well as...
  • Your customers may be irrational. Let’s market to them.
    Behavioral economics, the study of how and why people buy things, can provide highly valuable insights for strategic marketers.
  • An astronaut's insurance
    Space has been a popular topic these days. Elon Musk seems to be leading the private sector, we’ve launched a helicopter on Mars, and a rocket narrowly missed the...
  • The Best Books on Consumer Behavior
    How can marketers take advantage of the psychology of persuasion? What are decision traps? How do you sell “the invisible?” Those are just some of the valuable topics that...
  • Banking Attitudes Infographic and Report Design—BAI
    Nonprofit organization BAI provides actionable insights and research that help financial organizations make smarter, forward-thinking decisions. Recently, they completed a multi-year survey to determine how consumer behaviors differ by...
  • Why Tim Will Be Hiking
    A bear gets to skip winter. What’s up with that? Not only am I jealous, but so are most of his fellow forest friends. It’s baffled me for years.
  • cannabis website design-Green Meadows
    Cannabis Company Launch: Website Design—Green Meadows
    The descendants of General George S. Patton began to realize the immense benefits of cannabis in helping veterans and their families cope with PTSD, social isolation and pain-related issues.
  • This Behavioral Insight Can Keep You From Losing Sales
    Learn about how behavioral insight can keep you from losing sales by downloading our newest white paper.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
    Accessible Website
    Sometimes we take for granted that we can access so much information from the Internet. But what about people with disabilities? If you can’t see, can’t hear?
  • “Build Now” Advocacy Social Media Campaign and Website Design—MSCI
    The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives U.S. Infrastructure a grade of D+ for being “mostly below standard” and at “strong risk of failure.” Improvements will provide strong...
  • Yes, You Can Sell $1 For More than a...
    Learn about thinking forward and reasoning backwards by downloading our newest white paper.
  • How a Deck of Cards can be Arranged
    If you’re a very curious person, you might be wildly happy attending classes, reading books, watching videos, attending events, etc. If you’re a very, very curious person, this could...
  • The 6 Principles for Making Your Message Sticky
    From jokes to urban legends, somethings just stick with us. But what makes something stick, and something else entirely forgettable? For marketers, stickiness is critically important so their target...
  • 6 Keys to Creating a Great Name for Your...
    It can be hard enough to name a dog. But naming a new product, service or company? Now that's hard. It requires experience, creativity and a lot of thought....
  • Technetics Group Website Case Study
    Engineering Manufacturer Website Design—Technetics Group
    From the center of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel to the deepest recesses of a 250-ton jet soaring across the sky, Technetics Group provides highly engineered solutions to withstand...
  • Pepper Partner of the Month: The Traction Group
    We’ve had the pleasure to work with The Traction Group for several years. It’s a team of five ultra-experienced business coaches. They are each individuals, as far as experience...
  • Client Spotlight: Pepper Group
    Pepper Group helps clients out-market their competition. We create exponential results by combining strategic branding and creative with advanced digital science. In short, we move people.
  • How Game Theory Drives Better Outcomes
    Typically, marketing communications are targeted at prospective and current customers. Targeting prospective and current employees is also legitimate.
  • The Status Quo Trap & How to Escape It
    For most of us, change is uncomfortable. It’s called the Status Quo Trap, and it refers to how most of us have a strong bias towards keeping things the...
  • Partner of the Month—Meltzer, Purtill & Stelle, LLC
    Tim first met Mark Raymond nearly 20 years ago and enjoyed his initial conversation very much—and every conversation since. Mark is a family man, loves his hideaway on Green...
  • Client Spotlight: Illinois Blower
    When you manufacture the highest quality, custom industrial fans and blowers, you need the highest quality website with powerful messaging to back up your brand. As their old site...
  • Client Spotlight: Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI)
    The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is the broadest-based, not-for-profit trade association serving the industrial metals industry. With over 100 years of knowledge and thought leadership, MSCI provides its...
  • How to Avoid the Knowledge Curse
    Once we know something, we often assume everyone else knows it, too. That’s “The Curse of Knowledge,” and it means what’s clear to you might be confusing to someone...
  • Partner of the Month—DSP Insurance Services
    Does your prized exotic car need insurance? Is your grandmother’s wedding ring sitting in a drawer and you have meant to get it covered for years? What about that...
  • Acoustic Ceiling Design Video and Brochure—Rockfon
    To many, ceilings may seem like just a required element of a room, what Rockfon strives to show is that they are so much more than that. In fact,...
  • Cannabis Construction Website Design and eBook—Reed Construction
    Reed, who builds, designs and engineers commercial buildings, had recently completed some projects in the cannabis market and were looking to expand.
  • Cannabis Oil Extractor Launch: Identity and Website Design—Verdara Technologies
    Cannabis is one of the most specialized industries anywhere, and when an engineering and fabrication company identified an opportunity to apply its expertise towards supplying specialized equipment for hemp...
  • Specialty Medical Devices Website Design—Parasol Medical
    A premier developer of specialty medical devices, Parasol Medical is dedicated to making the lives of clinicians easier and improving patient outcomes throughout the healthcare market. Over the past...
  • “Sweet Solution” Cable Management Lead Generation Mailer—Image Industries
    Managing cables on heavy equipment has been a challenge for as long as there have been cables to manage. Over the years, engineers were forced to develop their own...
  • Advanced Engineering Technology Website Design—Crescend Technologies
    For more than 41 years, Crescend Technologies has been a premier manufacturer of high-power RF amplifier systems. After years of growth, an acquisition, and the development of new technologies,...
  • How Anchoring Impacts Marketing
    Anchoring refers to how an initial number or concept affects the way people view things. It’s a powerful concept, and knowing how to use it can influence your pricing...
  • Client Spotlight: Verdara
    Cannabis is one of the most specialized industries anywhere, and when an engineering and fabrication company identified an opportunity to apply its expertise towards supplying specialized equipment for hemp...
  • Pepper Partner of the Month-Lyric Solutions
    At Pepper Group, we know that when a sales team is firing on all cylinders our marketing strategies and tactics are exponentially more successful. Once we generate sales leads for...
  • Helpful Tips
    Tim’s Essential Marketing Tips
    Being nimble in the marketplace can mean success or failure. All too often, we are slow to act when we see something not working to our expectations. Maybe we’re...
  • Client Spotlight: Reed Construction
    It’s the things you don’t see—our research, interviewing and planning—that make our marketing plans unique, and effective. That’s been exactly the case with our recent work for Reed Construction.
  • The Top 25 Most Popular Snacks
    The more we stay at home, the more we find ourselves standing in front of our pantry. Inspired (discouraged?) by our waistlines, we thought we’d feature the most popular...
  • Pepper Partner of the Month—Sales Empowerment Group
    It’s my pleasure this month to introduce you to not only a great company, but also a true pro who practices what he preaches. He is The Sales Drummer.
  • Pepper Partner of the Month-JazzHR
    A new feature of the Pepper Mill will be focused on Pepper Group’s strategic partners. We have been users of JazzHR for over three years and find it very...
  • Todd’s Top 25 Jokes
    Every Monday we have an agency-wide status meeting, and Todd always shares a joke. We asked him for his 25 favorites. So, as part of our year-long celebration of...
  • Helpful Tips
    Tim’s Essential Marketing Tips, Part 10
    Every marketing tactic and tool has purpose. If it’s at all measurable, make sure you gather as much info as you can. Then, be very judicious as to how...
  • With your next trade show canceled, how do you...
    Typically, there are 31,000 trade shows in the U.S. every year, and for good reason. In a 2018 poll, 88% of exhibitors felt trade shows were a great way...
  • The Top 25 Dances of the Last 50 Years
    Sometimes you just have to get on your feet and dance, dance, dance. For our 25th anniversary, we’re posting our favorite top 25 lists. Here are the best dances,...
  • Client Spotlight: Rockfon
    To many, ceilings may seem like just a required element of a room, what Rockfon strives to show is that they are so much more than that. In fact,...
  • Helpful Tips
    Tim’s Essential Marketing Tips, Part 9
    The “In case you missed my previous 15 emails …” type of approach is never going to be attractive to professionals. Unsolicited emails are maddening at times, but 83%...
  • Client Spotlight: Crescend Technologies
    For more than 41 years, Crescend Technologies has been a premier manufacturer of high-power RF amplifier systems. After years of growth, an acquisition, and the development of new technologies,...
  • The Top 25 Things We're Doing During Stay-At-Home
    As “Stay-at-Home” continues, we’re all making good use of our time. We’re also eager for things to do. So we recently asked our team what new or different things...
  • Helpful Tips
    My Essential Marketing Tips, Part 8
    In honor of our the recent 25th anniversary of Pepper Group, I’ve been posting marketing tips every month. Here are two more things I’ve learned since founding Pepper Group.
  • EconPTW Logo mark
    Online Pricing Tool Launch: Website Design and Ad Campaign—EconPTW
    If you pursue government contracts, you’re probably familiar with the term Price to Win (PTW). It’s an involved and detailed process that uncovers the likely winning bidding range, based...
  • RegenX
    Street Sweeper Product Launch: Multimedia Campaign and Website Design—RegenX
    Spice Report Blog The Challenge Elgin Sweeper had just completed a highly involved and detailed effort to provide the ultimate user experience in regenerative air sweeping. A specially assigned innovation team...
  • BloomStudio Thumbnail
    Cut Flowers Company Launch: Website Design and Identity—BloomStudios
    When one of the largest growers and distributors of seeds and ornamental crops in the world decided to launch a brand new division, one dedicated to cut flowers, they...
  • Coplan and Crane Test
    Law Firm Talent Marketing and New Employee Materials—Coplan +...
    Coplan + Crane is a personal injury law firm in Oak Park with a great team of experienced attorneys and legal professionals who are devoted to making the world...
  • TmaxSoft Traffic
    Software Developer Website Design, Collateral and Video—TmaxSoft
    Spice Report Blog The Challenge TmaxSoft is a global software innovator founded on the principle that there is always a better way. By creating better technology solutions for mainframe rehosting, middleware...
  • Ciorba Group Thumbnail
    Engineering Company Rebranding—Ciorba Group
    Ciorba Group delivers engineering solutions that add value to communities. They have vast expertise and provide top-notch service and results. What they didn’t have—until recently—was a brand identity that...
  • Open For business
    Open For Business
    For almost all of our 25 years we’ve been sending out our PepperMill newsletter. During that time there have been plenty of ups and downs, but never before have...
  • Strange Amazon Products
    25 of the Oddest Things You Can Buy on...
    For our 25th anniversary we’ve been sharing our favorite “top 25” lists. For our 25th anniversary we also bought a giant inflatable duck from Amazon. Amazingly, that’s not close...
  • Olds Products
    Client Spotlight: Olds Products
    Olds Products is the largest store brand mustard manufacturer in North America—family owned and operated for 122 years. The company has made a name for itself through consistent quality...
  • Helpful Tips
    Let Your Personality Shine
    A few months ago, Pepper Group turned 25 years old. I looked back and created a list of the most important things I have learned about marketing. I’m delighted...
  • Gerber Collision and Glass Closeup
    Collision Repair Center Talent Marketing—Gerber Collision and Glass
    Spice Report Blog The Challenge The auto collision repair industry is suffering from a talent shortage—there just aren’t enough experienced and new technicians, estimators and other professionals to go around. They’re...
  • Redmane Post-it's
    Software Solutions Video, Website Design and Collateral—RedMane Technology
    RedMane creates software that improves business and lives. The company works with a level of purpose and integrity that’s quite unique, and genuinely cares about people. This includes employees,...
  • The Top 25 Things To Do At Home
    We are all staying at home. If you are like us, that means you’re already desperately looking for things to do. One of the things we are doing is...
  • EconPTW image
    Client Spotlight: EconPTW
    If you pursue government contracts, you’re probably familiar with the term Price to Win (PTW). It’s an involved and detailed process that uncovers the likely winning bidding range, based...
  • Helpful Tips
    25 Pieces of Marketing Advice
    A few months ago Pepper Group turned 25 years old. I looked back and created a list of the most important things I have learned about marketing. I’m delighted...
  • Highest Grossing Movies
    The Top 25 Highest Grossing Movies
    They say the only two things that are certain, are death and taxes. Well, here’s two more: movie prices will continue to rise, and movie box office records will...
  • RedMane First nation
    Client Spotlight: RedMane
    RedMane is a software solutions and systems integration firm that helps human services, healthcare and commercial organizations address their most complex challenges.
  • Helpful Tips
    Creating a Marketing Message
    Hard to believe it’s been 25 years. I’ve probably forgotten more than I’ve learned, but I do remember the important stuff. Like these two pieces of advice about creating...
  • Hair Blog Post
    Our Top 25
    Baggy jeans. Platform shoes. Sweaters tied around the waist. There were plenty of '90s fashion disasters, but haircuts rose above them all. For our 25th anniversary we’re sharing our favorite...
  • $1 = 3 MEALS
    During the month of December, Pepper Group is participating in a physical and virtual food drive to support the Greater Chicago Food Depository!
  • To Get to the Other Side
    I’m not exactly sure how we got here, smack dab in the middle of winter and trying to remember what sunshine even looks like. I guess we can’t complain...


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“Thank you so much. You offer such outstanding event staging service … I know I don’t have to worry about anything with the sound, lights and technology.”

Jean Schober, Vice President


“Thanks so much for doing this for us. You have no idea how good it feels to have a website that looks awesome, the content is legit, everything looks awesome. We really appreciate it.”

Nikki Martin Kobiljak, Client Happiness Officer


“Website looks amazing guys!!! Sent to my family and it’s already been shared across the world. Big family 😉.”

Eshani Burdick, Director, Sulfates & Specialty Esters

RedMane Technology

“I was so excited when I saw the video. This is just outstanding. We loved every minute of it.”

Tony Lakier, President
RedMane Technology


“I just wanted to pass along a thanks and nice work to the Pepper team on the DEI piece. I know we’re still finalizing some stuff on the backend, but I shared the page with the managing directors over research and they both loved it.”

Tina Saigh, Senior Marketing Manager - Research

Technetics Group

“I had a meeting with our analytics team yesterday and wanted to pass along the good report. They said this was one of the best web redesign projects they had seen. Great job on all the redirects, meta tags, alt-tags, etc. Everything looked good from an SEO and analytics standpoint.


Lea Johnson, Marketing Manager
Technetics Group


“Really appreciate your quick turnaround, great service, collaboration and partnership!!!!!”

Dianne Lucca, Manager, Digital Services-Email


“I love it and couldn’t be happier with the final product! The Pepper team did a fantastic job, and it was a pleasure working with you all.”

Kari Pandilidis, Marketing Communications Manager

Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

“The interior art installed yesterday. It looks great! What a beautiful job you have done. Sincere thanks!”

Jeff Bronswick, CEO/Shareholder
Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

“The amount of dedication and care to all elements of our intended message is what ultimately drove such a strong graphic result. Pepper Group was dedicated to understanding our business from the inside out in order to provide us a creative direction that fit our brand personality. They translated the vision I had for this project with precision and a unique ‘out of the box’ creative approach that sets their marketing apart from their competitors.”

Nicole Warren, Public Relations, Internal Communications, and Marketing Manager
Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.

Gerber Collision & Glass

“We knew we had a great place to work, and a lot to offer new team members. Pepper Group helped us pull it all together with a cohesive message, and tools and tactics that allow us to communicate that message effectively. I’m a satisfied customer!”

R.J. Gerber, Marketing Communications Manager
Gerber Collision & Glass

Senior Business Development Manager Omron Automation

“We are getting great feedback on the event itself, and you helped us to make it such a success!!!”

Keith Kersten
Senior Business Development Manager Omron Automation

Envista Forensics

“I haven’t been shy with our internal team in ‘singing the praises’ of your entire team—it’s been a pleasure to work with everyone at your company and frankly you’ve made this massive rebrand project accomplishable.”

Jennifer Gaster, Vice President, Marketing
Envista Forensics


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