Olds Products is the largest store brand mustard manufacturer in North America—family owned and operated for 122 years. The company has made a name for itself through consistent quality and innovation.

Olds recently launched a line of vinegar, which they planned to introduce at an upcoming trade show. The vinegar would be presented under their Old Style brand. It opened an opportunity for the company to not only create new vinegar labels, but to update the Old Style logo, refresh the current mustard labels, and update the trade show booth as well.

With a number of deliverables and a very tight deadline, we shifted into high gear. The goal was to create a look that not only stands out on the store shelf, but can be used on both the vinegar and mustard products, covering various flavors and sizes. Our end result met those goals with a design approach that made it clear that the products were from the same family, but was distinct enough to showcase the individual flavors.

Concurrently, we leveraged their existing trade show booth hardware into a new booth design that reflected the company’s overall brand message and showcased these new products in a powerful way. The launch was a great success for Olds and the company continues to grow.