For our 25th anniversary we’ve been sharing our favorite “top 25” lists. For our 25th anniversary we also bought a giant inflatable duck from Amazon. Amazingly, that’s not close to making this list of stupid things you can buy. We’ve mashed together a few lists to present—

25 of The Oddest Things You Can Buy On Amazon

25. Whatever this is. That’s right. We have no idea.

24. The baby mop so your infant can clean the floor while he or she crawls

20. This do-it-yourself tattoo removal laser. The only decision worse than drunkenly getting a tattoo of your ex-boyfriend on your lower back, is then trying to burn it off yourself with a laser beam.

19. A quart of pickled pigs feet

17. Pocksie, a temporary pocket you can stick to your pants. They come only in one color (light beige), are barely big enough to hold a credit card and, according to reviews, constantly fall off (not a great feature for a pocket).

14. Gardening gloves with claws on one hand, instead of fingers and are “guaranteed a pleasure to wear.” It’s unclear if you can get your money back if they aren’t pleasurable.

13. This toe exerciser

12. Copper dowsing rods. These are basically plain, copper divining rods, but they cost nearly $900! At that price, you better find a treasure chest in your backyard.

9. Magnetic therapy shoe insoles. Embedded magnets by your feet supposedly help you lose weight! Cures rheumatism! Eliminates food odor! For $349, they also eliminate your bank account.

8. 8 lbs. of cereal marshmallows. For those extra-healthy breakfasts.

3. Senior woman with asthma inhaler wall decal

2. An 82 lb. cheese wheel. Right now, the site claims: “2 new from $1,652.95.” We wouldn’t pay more than $1,500 for a cheese wheel, though. We’re also glad they are “new”—hate to think who might buy one “used.”

1. A chicken harness for walking your chicken (in case it wants to cross the road, of course).