Trade Show Booth & Video—Medtelligent

Trade Show Booth & Video—Medtelligent

The Challenge

Medtelligent’s software, ALIS, is an innovative and cutting-edge platform purpose-built for assisted living communities. With a prime location at the industry’s most important show and their biggest booth ever, the company wanted to make a major impact. Their goal was to communicate their key differentiators and have attendees feel more like they were attending an “ALIS Conference” than a trade show.

The Solution

We designed a unique space with the goal of grabbing visitor’s attention. The booth boasted a huge video wall, accompanied by interactive video kiosks, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the ALIS platform. They also offered high-impact giveaways, including branded backpacks, tote bags and other promotional items. The booth served as a dynamic hub for learning, networking and conversation. As a bonus, since Medtelligent sponsored the trade show, we designed custom branded ALIS lanyards that every attendee wore, including their competitors.

The Result

ALIS’ presence at the show was undeniable. Visitors raved about the booth, and competitors couldn’t help but take photos. The dynamic video highlighted ALIS’ unique benefits, and the kiosk demos reinforced the strength of the software. Medtelligent saw a significant uptick in connections and opportunities, adding more than 100,000 new beds to their sales pipeline, and secured new connections with high-profile individuals at some of the largest assisted living communities.

“The Pepper Group team was instrumental in bringing our trade show vision to life!  They truly cared about helping us have a successful show and were extremely patient and dedicated throughout the entire process.  The trade show video really captured our brand and served to help us stand out at the conference—we are so happy with the final product!”

—Bill Carey


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