We are all staying at home. If you are like us, that means you’re already desperately looking for things to do. One of the things we are doing is collecting top 25 lists in honor of our 25th anniversary. Today’s list is courtesy of the website Makinghomebase.com

The Top 25 Things To Do At Home

25. Watch a movie marathon

24. Make a fire and cook up some s’mores

23. Start spring cleaning 

22. Watch a TedTalk

21. Support local businesses A local grocer or hardware store is great. But, we should add, supporting a local (but killer) marketing agency is even better …

20. Take an online class Cooking. Writing. Coding? Now’s the time for those classes you never had time for before.

19. Make a photobook 

18. Write a letter or a card to a friend 

17. Do yoga 

16. Make a step bet with friends We love this idea but it’s technically “outside” the home, so not sure if it counts.

15. Do arts and crafts Recently we made ghosts here at Pepper Group. 

14. Decorate a space in your home

13. Do some yard work

12. Plant a garden

11. Do a community service Send a card to someone in a nursing home, check in on an elderly neighbor, donate food, go food shopping for someone, start (and share) a list of top 25 things you can do …

10. Watch a documentary and learn something new

9. Enjoy a live stream

8. Binge on a show 

7. Organize Although it’s a bit daunting when we think about everything we should organize: our pantry, closet, junk drawer, basement … ugh.

6. Make an indoor picnic lunch

5. Bake something 

4. Do a puzzle 

3. Listen to audiobooks or Podcasts 

2. Read a book

1. Play a game