If you pursue government contracts, you’re probably familiar with the term Price to Win (PTW). It’s an involved and detailed process that uncovers the likely winning bidding range, based on a competitive analysis and a number of other considerations.

Performing a PTW analysis has always been a time-consuming and expensive process, and as such could only be completed for the largest bids. EconPTW has changed all that with a proprietary online tool that provides the power of an accurate Price to Win estimate at a fraction of the cost of a typical PTW analysis.

Pepper Group is excited to be introducing this new technology to the marketplace. After developing a powerful message platform, we brought it to life with a new brand identity and website. We collaborated with the application developers as well, to ensure the best overall user experience.

The new technology is being rolled out to the market through a targeted digital ad campaign and PR effort. We will be also partnering with associations and trade media to spread the message through digital communications and sponsorships.

You can check out EconPTW’s website here.