Throughout the year Tim will be posting more of his top 25 pieces of marketing advice.

A few months ago Pepper Group turned 25 years old. I looked back and created a list of the most important things I have learned about marketing. I’m delighted to share those tips with you.

Let Your Personality Shine
Don’t let dust settle on your brand. Sometimes you want it to sparkle, sometimes you want to provide comfort. Would you invite company over and not clean the house? Let your prospects know that you’re proud of your brand and excited to “have them over.” It’s OK to “move the furniture around a little” by giving a fresh perspective to your value proposition. While you can be very serious about your deliverables, be a little quirky when it counts.

Be Customer Focused
They love to know you love them. Be sensitive, empathetic, enthusiastic and supportive in every manner. Once in a while they have very rough days—office politics, budgets granted and rescinded, a trusted ally leaves and the new guy is a real pain. Be two steps ahead of their needs, wants and fears. Sometimes they’re just too close to their business and can’t see the opportunities before them. How can you make them look good? How can you frame their investment with projections that can inspire the brass to bless a campaign that wasn’t budgeted for, but makes total sense with a huge potential upside? And just because they aren’t always on time, you should be. Sometimes it’s very important, and always appreciated.