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MarTech Moment: SEO 101

This year, Chrome is disabling third-party cookies, marking a significant win for privacy. However, this change poses a challenge for data-driven marketers. Despite this change, Google assures it will allow advertisers to show relevant ads and measure their effectiveness in a privacy-friendly manner as they aim to replace third-party cookies with new measurement and reporting tools that prevent cross-site user tracking.

How to Win the Talent War

Despite uneven economic reports, last month’s unemployment rate held at a very low 3.7%. And while down from its post-pandemic peak, there are still currently 1.4 job openings per job seeker.
Challenges around hiring and retaining talent aren’t new. Large numbers of retiring baby boomers, combined with general declines in labor force participation, have created an increasingly tight market for employers that’s very likely going to continue.

Pepper Group, at the Core

At Pepper Group, we are not just what we do but who we are. Sure, we move people—prospects to websites, customers to purchase, stakeholders to invest. But it’s how we do it—through collaboration, passion, and a determined yet appreciative smile–that truly sets us apart and is the foundation behind our longstanding client relationships.