We’ve had the pleasure to work with The Traction Group for several years. It’s a team of five ultra-experienced business coaches. They are each individuals, as far as experience goes, but they all teach the same methodology for how companies should run their businesses. It’s a process and philosophy called EOS®. Pepper Group has been an avid fan and user for the last six years.

What’s nice is you can pick which coach is the best fit for you. It might be the companies or verticals they worked in. Maybe it’s the roles they’ve played or their previous clients that were very much like yours.

Do you own a business that is not reaching its potential? And worse yet, you seem to have to work in the business instead of working on the business.

Or, you work in a company but don’t own it. Is there dysfunction that you think could benefit from a coach (and maybe a referee), to provide the third-party honest truth?

Owner or employee, check out this survey. A quick 10 questions and you’ll know how you stack up. Interestingly enough, over time it’s been equally divided as to who initiates contact with The Traction Group. Maybe it’s because everyone wants to work at a great company and enjoy their craft.

They do a very cool “90-minute Interactive Meeting” that demonstrates the power of the system. No heavy sales pitch at all. Either you feel it, or you don’t.

A quick conversation is all you need to invest in to understand more. Everyone deserves to work in a company that really rocks! If you’d like my take on it, let’s talk. Otherwise, reach out directly and tell them we sent you.