The Challenge

From the center of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel to the deepest recesses of a 250-ton jet soaring across the sky, Technetics Group provides highly engineered solutions to withstand the world’s most demanding environments. Over the years, those solutions had continued to grow as Technetics Group acquired more companies and expanded their product offerings and capabilities, but their website and go-to-market message didn’t reflect this. Technetics Group reached out to Pepper Group to help them develop a new marketing strategy and brand look that would come to life in a new website.

The Solution

To begin, Pepper Group conducted extensive competitor and customer research to develop a brand approach and message. This approach included our recommendations for bringing together the various brands within Technetics Group into one corporate story and website that showcased the company’s vast offerings.

Following this strategy, we developed the sitemap and wireframes keeping the user experience a priority. We wanted to ensure visitors could easily find the products and information they were looking for, while being educated on the company’s extensive service offerings. Because we were condensing the brands into one website, we also needed to make sure that each brand’s information was easy to find and that the search rankings they had earned were maintained.

It was also important that the new brand message be prominent throughout the site, and be paired with a bold, modern design to reflect that they are leaders in their industry.

The new site features an extensive product catalog and resource library that can be easily accessed through various points in the site. The multi-language feature enables visitors to view the content in their native language. And, because the site is built in WordPress, Technetics Group is able to easily add content and products as the company continues to grow.

The Result

The new website launched at the end of 2020 and has provided Technetics Group with a powerful tool to promote their products and service offerings. And, by integrating the site with Technetics Group’s CRM, they are able to drive leads and respond quickly. Pepper Group looks forward to continuing to work with Technetics Group to build out their new brand and reach future customers.

Check out the website here