eBook and LinkedIn Campaign—Robertshaw

eBook and LinkedIn Campaign—Robertshaw

The Challenge

Gas stoves, although loved by consumers, have become the center of a significant debate around indoor air pollution. Robertshaw, the global leader in integrated flow control technologies, is creating innovative new solutions to address these issues. The company wanted to communicate these in a way that was quickly understandable and highly compelling.

The Solution

Pepper Group started with dedicated research, reviewing scientific studies and interviewing Robertshaw engineers and customer-facing teams. With a thorough technical understanding, we wrote and designed a full ebook and sales presentation deck—highlighting the issues, explaining the Robertshaw solutions and reinforcing the company’s drive to innovate. The materials were shared directly with customers, promoted through social media and used as core content for a highly targeted paid campaign.

The Result

The campaign succeeded in achieving the goals. The sales deck has been very valuable in presenting the solutions in a compelling way. The LinkedIn ads generated a click-through rate of .85% among key OEM customers, reaching 2,500 manufacturing industry downloads within four months. Robertshaw and Pepper Group are now expanding the campaigns, launching additional efforts to drive increased exposure and leads.

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