Advanced Engineering Technology Website Design—Crescend Technologies

Advanced Engineering Technology Website Design—Crescend Technologies

The Challenge

For more than 41 years, Crescend Technologies has been a premier manufacturer of high-power RF amplifier systems. After years of growth, an acquisition, and the development of new technologies, the company’s marketing was in need of an overhaul. Pepper Group developed a strategy to do just that—starting with the creation of a strong messaging platform that encompasses who Crescend is and the value they deliver for their different target industries.

The Solution

Because B2B buyers today execute the majority of their buying process online, the first priority to bring this new messaging to life was a website redesign. The new site reinforces the Crescend brand message, while calling out the individual industries that Crescend serves. It is complete with a catalog that organizes the products exceptionally well. It allows Crescend to easily add and change products, and allows the visitor to find their products efficiently and easily request additional information. Both were major wins for this project.

The Result

Next up is organic search engine optimization and digital lead generation campaigns to drive demand and move Crescend to the next level of growth.

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