“Sweet Solution” Cable Management Lead Generation Mailer—Image Industries

“Sweet Solution” Cable Management Lead Generation Mailer—Image Industries

The Challenge

Managing cables on heavy equipment has been a challenge for as long as there have been cables to manage. Over the years, engineers were forced to develop their own homegrown methods for cable routing because there has never been a good single solution.

The QuikLinx® Cable Management system, however, changes the game. It provides a solution that is faster, more cost-effective, consistent and reliable. The mount can be welded in place in as little as 0.3 seconds and routes cables and cable bundles of almost any size. QuikLinx requires almost no training to use and has proven reliable under the most rugged conditions.

The Solution

Image Industries needed to introduce this game-changing cable management solution to the market, so they turned to Pepper Group to create an attention-getting announcement and lead gen effort. The result was a clever mailer that directly demonstrated the product and provided an actual sample mount, using delicious Twizzlers as a stand-in for the cables.

The Result

The mailer, and associated digital outreach campaign, has helped put this “sweet solution” in front of hundreds of decision makers at the largest heavy equipment manufacturers nationwide. Initial results are encouraging. One engineer even called to learn more after his boss passed along the mailer to him—sans Twizzlers! Turns out the boss liked both the idea and the candy.

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