Specialty Medical Devices Website Design—Parasol Medical

Specialty Medical Devices Website Design—Parasol Medical

The Challenge

A premier developer of specialty medical devices, Parasol Medical is dedicated to making the lives of clinicians easier and improving patient outcomes throughout the healthcare market. Over the past few years, this dedication has driven them to create new brands and expand their product lines. But as their footprint grew, they struggled to find a way to connect these all back to the corporate brand online. Parasol turned to Pepper Group to help them create one corporate website that would help continue to establish their brand image and credibility in the industry.

The challenge: to create one website that told the corporate story while maintaining the identity of the individual brands. It needed to house all their products and be easy to maintain and build out as the company continued to develop new solutions.

The Solution

Leveraging our extensive experience in website strategy and development, we started by researching and creating the best plan to fold in all these brands while positioning the site for growth. The approach we devised was to create one site that would link to a series of microsites for each brand. Each microsite would follow a similar template—with a unique look and feel—making it easy for Parasol Medical to launch new websites in the future.

Up next, we developed the wireframes and user flow for the website to ensure that visitors had access to the information they needed. This included a full product menu to highlight Parasol Medical’s wide breadth of solutions and a blog that would showcase thought leadership content in all of their focus areas. With these set, our team got to work creating a compelling message and bold design for the corporate site that reinforced Parasol Medical’s innovative approach and leading technology.

Once the corporate site was developed, we began the design for the product microsites, using their CultivateTM line first. Our goal was to create something that allowed for a unique brand identity but still felt a part of the family of brands. Using a simple navigation, we developed areas to share information on the entire product line and a resource library to share brochures and technical specifications. Another exciting feature we included in the microsite was a full product catalog, as well as a search function to find a specific product’s certificate of analysis.

The Result

Now that the corporate site and first microsite have been created, Pepper Group is excited to continue helping Parasol Medical bring their other brands into the site and to develop more resources they can share on each product. Going forward, this new setup will help Parasol Medical improve their organic search rankings and allow for them to cross-sell their products to visitors who may not have been aware of their extensive offerings.

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