Cannabis Oil Extractor Launch: Identity and Website Design—Verdara Technologies

Cannabis Oil Extractor Launch: Identity and Website Design—Verdara Technologies

The Challenge

Cannabis is one of the most specialized industries anywhere, and when an engineering and fabrication company identified an opportunity to apply its expertise towards supplying specialized equipment for hemp and cannabis oil extraction by creating a new cannabis-focused brand, they needed help. Pepper Group in partnership with our PR partner Akrete, brought it all to life.

After the initial market and competitive research, the new name—Verdara Technologies—was born. The name stems from the word verdant; meaning rich, green vegetation.

The Solution

We embodied the name in a graphic identity that tied together a number of key elements. The vibrant green colors reflect the industry and the font reinforces the technology and advanced engineering behind the products. The icon itself resembles a flower opening, while also showing a clear “V” in the negative space. Not only that, but it also purposefully resembles a drop of oil, which is the output that Verdara’s products create.

To support the sales team, we created sharp-looking business cards printed on thick stock, and a sales sheet to use as a PDF or to be printed on demand. It all came together on a new landing page at verdaratech.com.

The Result

The results have helped Verdara create a successful new cannabis-focused business that continues to grow. It’s one more example in our expanding cannabis marketing portfolio. If you or someone you know is seeking cannabis marketing support, give us a call.

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