Sometimes you just have to get on your feet and dance, dance, dance. For our 25th anniversary, we’re posting our favorite top 25 lists. Here are the best dances, starting back in 1970. So stop doing that old-time Hand Jive (1958), or the Twist (1960), and start doing …


1970   The Funky Chicken  

1975   The Time Warp

1977  The Hustle: Best performed in a white leisure suit, or flare jeans and platform shoes.

1978   The YMCA: “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA.” Fun fact! Some YMCAs still offer overnight accommodations, although they hit their peak around 1940.

1980   The Worm

1981   The Chicken Dance: We Peppers recently celebrated National Chicken Dance Day

1983   The Moonwalk

1984   The “Thriller” Dance           

1986   The “Walk like an Egyptian” Dance

1988   The Running Man

1989   The Electric Slide: If we had a $1 for every time we’ve danced this at a wedding …

1990   The Humpty Dance

1990   Vogue

1991   The Hammer Time Dance

1996   The Macarena: And if we had another $1 for every time we’ve danced this …

2000   The Cha-Cha Slide

2002   The Ketchup Dance

2004   The Lean Back

2007   The Cupid Shuffle

2008   The “Single Ladies” Dance. Fun fact: This was based on a dance called “The Mexican Breakfast” originally performed on the Ed Sullivan show in 1969.

2010   The Dougie

2012   Gangnam Style

2016   Dabbing: Maybe less a “dance” than a move, but it still makes our list.

2018   Flossing

2020   The Renegade


Which is your favorite? Share your favorite and email me at