To many, ceilings may seem like just a required element of a room, what Rockfon strives to show is that they are so much more than that. In fact, the right ceiling tile has the ability to impact the way people learn, heal and work. Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling tiles are designed to provide acoustic solutions that are both beautiful and help create healthy, comfortable spaces.

In order to demonstrate the difference ceiling tiles can make, Rockfon developed their Optimized AcousticsTM approach. This approach helps designers ensure that their buildings create optimal environments for their inhabitants, without sacrificing design. But Rockfon needed help in illustrating this concept to potential customers.

Rockfon approached Pepper Group with the idea of updating their Optimized Acoustics brochure and developing a case study video. Pepper Group was excited to work with Rockfon to bring this approach to life.

We began by working with Rockfon on their brochure. The copy in the previous piece was heavy on technical information and focused more on what not to do when designing a building. Pepper Group revised the copy to be easier for the audience to understand, make the tone more positive, and focus on the considerations that designers need to make. We combined that with a modern design that ensured the content didn’t overwhelm the reader. The result was a beautiful brochure that effectively communicates the importance of Optimized Acoustics.

The next phase was to develop the case study video. Rockfon wanted to highlight a newly constructed medical facility in Arkansas that used Rockfon ceiling products. Pepper Group met with the Rockfon team to understand the project and develop an approach for the video. It was important that the video focused on what the building meant to the community and how ceilings are important in the healthcare space. Pepper Group team members traveled to Arkansas for filming, and then managed the editing process.

In the end, we produced two engaging sales tools for Rockfon that demonstrate how their products make an impact in buildings. Pepper Group is continuing to partner with Rockfon to create more assets their team can use in promotions.

Watch the video here.