The Challenge

A consulting firm with 11 offices in the Midwest—specializing in planning and designing state and local infrastructure improvements—wanted to expand its successful logistics consulting practice. However, prospective customers weren’t seeing the firm, Lochmueller, as a logistics consulting company. So they decided to create a new subsidiary. The company needed a name, an identity, a brand message and a marketing program to successfully launch.

The Solution

Following Pepper Group’s proprietary Revenue Tower® framework, we developed a powerful brand message foundation. We uncovered how the new subsidiary’s planning and engineering roots enabled their precision approach of “engineering a better supply chain.” Our naming process created several great options for the company, and the team selected Velis—a word inspired by ‘velocity,’ connecting to the concepts of speed, forward motion and being future-focused. The messaging then came together with a graphic identity that further differentiates the new subsidiary in the crowded field of logistics consultants, and a website that explains their value proposition, demonstrates their capabilities and reinforces their credibility.

The Result

A few short months ago it was just an idea, but now Velis is a stand-alone business taking the supply chain discipline one step further through the use of applied sciences and mathematical models to determine optimal strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about Velis and their unique supply chain engineering approach, visit