Pepper Group turned 25 years old this year. In celebration, I’ve been posting marketing tips every month. Here are two more things I’ve learned since founding our agency.

Throughout the year Tim will be posting more of his top 25 pieces of marketing advice.

What are You Measuring Anyway?

Every marketing tactic and tool has purpose. If it’s at all measurable, make sure you gather as much info as you can. Then, be very judicious as to how you analyze the results. Just measuring hits to a landing page without understanding where they were generated from, and what visitors did when they got there (i.e., clickthroughs to other pages on your site, engaging with content, abandoning the site, etc.), is paramount to understanding how to make improvements.

Snail Mail is Not a Dinosaur

Mail boxes aren’t as crowded anymore, so take advantage of having less competition! Like anything else, cruddy content will not get the job done. Send a dimensional package and up your response rate 10-fold! First, who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of discovering what’s inside that “present”? And when it’s opened, it dominates your attention and becomes a physical reminder (not dropping down an INBOX). If it’s truly creative, it will receive what we call, “The Professional Thank You.” It comes in the form of, “This was a great way to capture my attention. A company that thinks like this, engages me, and is respectful of my time. Why don’t you stop by? I think I’d like to know more about a company who takes this approach to capture my attention.”