A new feature of the Pepper Mill will be focused on Pepper Group’s strategic partners. We have been users of JazzHR for over three years and find it very intuitive and robust—without being over-engineered. We get about 10 applications a day and it’s fantastic to manage them in this amazing platform.

JazzHR is a powerful recruiting software that can help you to automate and organize the entire hiring process. There are many benefits to using JazzHR, including:

• One-click posting to free and premium job boards like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Indeed

• Pre-screening questions with auto-reject features

• An intuitive and easy to use interface that your whole team can master

Be a hero. While you might not be in charge of making the decision of what tool you use, you should at least pass this along to whoever is, as it will help your company find, review and hire the best and brightest teammates to work beside you!

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For a deeper dive, watch the JazzHR overview video here.