At Pepper Group, we are not just what we do but who we are. Sure, we move people—prospects to websites, customers to purchase, stakeholders to invest. But it’s how we do it—through collaboration, passion and a determined yet appreciative smile—that truly sets us apart and is the foundation behind our longstanding client relationships.

In some recent issues of the PepperMill, we’ve listed core values that mean the most to each of us at Pepper Group. This is a complete list of them.

Initiative Has No Boundaries
Take personal responsibility to make whatever you do the best it can be. If you see an opportunity, own it yourself or get some help. Look at things differently—the solution may be hidden.

Work and Play with Passion
Communicate your passion and excite clients. Go for the giggle, share your empathy. Play hard so that you have great life experiences to draw from and time to recharge.

Pride in Craft and Service
Realize that we’re in a pretty cool business. We take great pride in our work and find joy in connecting with our clients. Focus on building collaborative, respectful relationships with equal commitment to shared goals. Bring all your talent and expertise to the party. When you do, service comes naturally, success follows and we all have more fun.

Strength of the Wolf is in the Pack
Support each other. Teach each other. Protect each other. Respect each other. Surprise each other. Cover each other’s sixes.

Be Smarter Tomorrow
Our advantage as a company and as individuals is in our education and the skill sets we bring to the table. Bring your curiosity to work every day. Pursue knowledge like it was gold and it will be.

Scraped Knees Teach Us to Dance
Don’t be afraid to fall down. Pick yourself up, learn and try again. We’ve all been there. You’ll soon boogie!

Face to Face with Grace
When you can, be there in person or turn on your camera for that video call. Emails are efficient and the phone can be fast, but conversations are clearer and more personal when you can look someone in the eye. They can feel your passion.

Choose to be Challenged
Wake up in the morning with a confident attitude and ride it through the day. Expect the unexpected. Explore your limits and help others do so, too. Be brave—what’s the worst that can happen?

Our core values remind us of what’s truly important—taking pride in our work, taking ownership of our work and taking the hand of our coworkers to help them succeed. Of the Pepper Group values above—which stands out to you the most? Which makes you nod your head in agreement? Which one makes you smile?

Email Tim at and share your favorite core value, and why you feel that value is important. We’d love to share your story in a future PepperMill values article.