The Challenge

Back in February, One Rock Capital Partners came to us with an exciting acquisition of a BASF chemical manufacturing site in Kankakee, IL. They had four months to carve out their business from BASF and set it up as its own entity. The site was home to over 160 employees, dedicated to manufacturing the world’s purest natural vitamin e, high-purity anionic surfactants, sterols and specialty esters, and a contagious enthusiasm for change. We knew this aspect of the business wouldn’t change, but in order for us to be successful we needed to help write their new story, and bring it to life.

The Solution

We first had to learn the ins and outs of chemical manufacturing, and what makes this particular manufacturing plant unique. We conducted competitive research and interview with both employees and industry experts. We used this to create a new name and brand messaging foundation that represented everything this company stood for including the plant’s 70+ years of heritage. To existing customers, the name was changing, but everything else remained the same, including all 160 (and now more) employees. We named their company Kensing, after the street the site was founded on, Kensington Avenue. From there we developed brand messaging and a new look and feel with a logo, website, customer portal, new signage, email communications, sales collateral and more.

The Results

On June 1, Kensing became its own company. Around the plant, new signage went up and old signage came down. New employees joined the team and former employees remained. New hats and badges were being put on, old ones were thrown away. They now have a website that tells their brand story, as well as a portal where customers can download important product documentation. Next, we build out the plan for the second half of the year to introduce this new company to the world.