At Pepper Group, we know that when a sales team is firing on all cylinders our marketing strategies and tactics are exponentially more successful.

Once we generate sales leads for a client’s team, it’s up to them to not only track the relationship but to keep it moving through the sales process. Having the feedback from the sales team, in real data and not based on exaggeration or hyperbole, is crucial in PG being able to judge what is working and how to modify the tactics to reflect that.

I had to look up when Tony Bagdy and I first met—it was back in 2007. Tony was a big-time SEO, digital and affiliate marketing guru, working with the likes of Walgreens, Adidas and FTD.

His career led him to four years at Feeding America, then he became a CMO at a leading investment management firm. And now he’s hung his own shingle: Lyric Solutions. He’s not only one of the most likable guys I’ve ever met, but very few people have the experience and approach he shares with his clients.

Along the way, he became a Salesforce master. If you haven’t modernized your sales processes to drive efficiency and propel growth with Salesforce, no matter the reason, you should talk with TonyHe has offered to give PepperMill subscribers a roadmap of recommendations, based on his review of your system, at no charge. This is a freebie you can’t resist.