HubSpot was recently named the #1 Marketing and Digital Advertising Product for 2024 in G2’s Annual Best Software Awards, and its customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.  But what exactly makes it the leading choice for businesses looking to support their marketing and sales efforts for business growth? As a HubSpot Gold Status Solutions Partner, we're here to explore that question. Regardless of your budget, goals or key performance indicators (KPIs), HubSpot can be your ideal digital partner, helping you achieve exceptional business growth in 2024.

Let’s start with the basics. HubSpot is an all-in-one platform designed to transform how businesses attract, engage and delight customers. It integrates Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, CMS and Commerce tools under a CRM umbrella.

Above: HubSpot’s product offerings and how they work together.

Each HubSpot product is available in three subscription levels: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. These tiers vary with included tools and increase in price accordingly. Before selecting a HubSpot product and subscription, assess your business needs. A certified partner, like Pepper Group, can help you choose the most appropriate option for your business based on your goals and requirements.

If you are a business owner looking to achieve the goals of attracting your ideal customer, converting leads, and streamlining sales processes, the professional subscription across the Marketing and Sales Hubs would be an excellent choice. Here’s why: Marketing Hub Professional includes advanced tools for lead generation and marketing automation to effectively attract and engage quality customers. Sales Hub Professional enhances sales processes and optimizes pipeline management while automating routine tasks and accelerating deal closures. In this guide, we’ll highlight tools used for SEO, ad campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, forms, email marketing, lead management, workflows and sales sequencing.

SEO Tools

HubSpot's Site Audit tool is designed to help enhance your website's SEO strategy by identifying and addressing various SEO issues. It automatically crawls your website, pinpointing technical and content-related problems that could impact your search engine rankings, such as broken links, missing meta descriptions, and inefficient use of keywords. The tool provides a prioritized list of issues along with actionable recommendations for fixing them. This allows you to focus on making impactful changes that can improve your site’s visibility and performance in search engine results. HubSpot also helps you develop a structured content strategy based on topics that matter most to your audience and are aligned with your SEO goals. This tool makes it easier to plan and create content that drives organic traffic. Here’s how it works: After you identify a main topic and its corresponding landing page as your content pillar, HubSpot leverages Google Search Console integration to analyze what your target audience is searching for. This insight allows you to build relevant topic clusters that link back to your content pillar, effectively drawing more traffic to your site.

Social Media Tool

HubSpot's social media tools are designed to streamline your social media management, attract new customers, and enhance your online engagement. These tools enable you to schedule and publish posts to multiple social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., all from one place. You can also react to social conversations and gain insight about new followers. Additionally, HubSpot provides detailed analytics to measure the performance of your posts, helping you to understand audience behavior and refine your strategies. This integration ensures that your social media efforts are aligned with other marketing activities, creating a cohesive and effective approach.

Digital Ad Tool

HubSpot’s advertising tools make it easy to monitor and optimize your digital advertising campaigns. These tools allow you to create, manage and analyze ads across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. HubSpot helps you seamlessly integrate your advertising efforts with your CRM data, enabling targeted and personalized ad campaigns based on user behavior and interactions. You can also track the entire customer journey from ad click to conversion, providing insights into the effectiveness of your ads in generating leads and revenue. Additionally, HubSpot offers detailed reporting features that help you measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns, making it simple to see which ads are performing best and how they contribute to your overall marketing goals.

Forms and Landing Pages

HubSpot's landing page and form tools streamline the creation of conversion-optimized web pages and lead capture forms. The landing page tool features responsive templates and personalization options, all supported by A/B testing and analytics to enhance performance. The form tool allows for customization and integration on various platforms, helping to gather and manage visitor information effectively. Together, these tools are designed to boost lead generation and refine marketing strategies efficiently.

Email Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot's email marketing tools provide a comprehensive solution for crafting, sending and analyzing email campaigns. Users can personalize email content based on recipient data stored in HubSpot’s CRM, ensuring relevant and engaging copy. Additionally, the platform offers A/B testing capabilities to optimize subject lines and content, along with detailed analytics that tracks open rates, click rates, top-engaged customers, and overall campaign performance. This integration with HubSpot's CRM ensures that email campaigns are aligned with other marketing efforts, providing a cohesive customer experience.

Lead Scoring

HubSpot's lead scoring tool, “HubSpot Score,” enables businesses to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert into customers. This tool allows you to assign numerical values (scores) to leads based on their engagement with your website, email interactions, social media activities and demographic information. You can set custom criteria for scoring, tailoring it to match your specific sales and marketing strategies. This automated scoring system helps sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising leads, improving efficiency and conversion rates. Additionally, HubSpot integrates this lead scoring with its CRM, ensuring that all team members have access to up-to-date lead information and can tailor their interactions accordingly.


HubSpot's workflow tool is a powerful automation feature that helps streamline and automate marketing, sales and service processes. It allows you to create automated sequences that trigger based on specific user actions or property changes within the CRM. These workflows can include sending targeted emails, updating contact information, assigning tasks to team members, or segmenting contacts into different lists based on their behavior or profile. The visual editor makes it easy to build and customize these sequences, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks and ensure consistent follow-up. This tool not only saves time but also enhances the personalization and efficiency of your interactions with leads and customers.

Sales Sequencing

HubSpot's sales sequencing tool, available in Sales Hub Professional, is essential for automating and optimizing sales communication. It allows sales teams to create and schedule a series of customized emails to a targeted audience and automate internal reminders. These sequences ensure organized outreach, timely and consistent follow-up, and increase the chances of converting leads into customers. The tool is integrated with HubSpot's CRM, enabling personalized communications by using lead-specific data. Sales sequencing helps reduce the workload on sales staff and maintains a high level of engagement with prospects throughout the buying journey.


HubSpot's Marketing Hub and Sales Hub Professional subscriptions offer tools that can help you attract and engage your audience, convert leads, and streamline marketing and sales processes. In addition, we’ve only scratched the surface of this immensely powerful and user-friendly platform.

If you need assistance with subscribing to or managing your HubSpot account to start implementing these tools, reach out. We’re a HubSpot Gold Status Solutions Partner and we’re here to assist you!