Baggy jeans. Platform shoes. Sweaters tied around the waist. There were plenty of '90s fashion disasters, but haircuts rose above them all. For our 25th anniversary we’re sharing our favorite ‘top 25’ lists.

Today’s list: the 25 worst hairstyles from the '90s (courtesy of the website List25).

25. Front flipped hair

24. The “Rachel.” We don’t miss the haircut, but we really did love that show.

23. The Sarah Jessica Parker Perm

22. Poofy Ponytail. This was made popular due to another '90s staple: the scrunchy.

21. Gelled Curls

20. “Whatever N’Sync was Doing.” Five guys. Five oh-so-90’s-cuts.

19. Zig-Zag Part

18. Hair Streaks.

17. High-Top Fades

16. Bowl Cut

15. Parted Bowl Cut. Because, you know, a regular bowl cut wasn’t horrible enough.

14. Flat Twists

13. Crimped Hair

12. Frosted Tips

11. Butterfly Clips. Who needed one butterfly clip when you could use seven?

10. Mel Gibson’s Mane

9. The Chewbacca

8. Scary Spice Hair. So tell me, was this what you wanted, what you really, really wanted?

7. Hanson Hair

6. Jheri Curl

5. Spiky Hair

4. Vanilla Ice Hair

3  Mullet

2. Rat Tails

1. “The Curly” Mullet. I’ve got an idea: let’s take the mullet, and perm it. Curly from the 3 stooges had a better haircut. So did “Bowl Cut” Moe and Larry.