Engineering Company Rebranding—Ciorba Group

Engineering Company Rebranding—Ciorba Group

Ciorba Group delivers engineering solutions that add value to communities. They have vast expertise and provide top-notch service and results. What they didn’t have—until recently—was a brand identity that truly represented just how good they are. So, they tapped Pepper Group to rebrand the 90+ year-old company and help them stand out from the competition.

Pepper Group conducted extensive research in the form of discovery sessions with the client and interviews with customers and employees. We also evaluated competitors’ messaging and graphic identities. With this knowledge, we went to work crafting a new brand platform including a brand promise, pillars, core values and mission statement.


Over the next few months, we partnered closely with Ciorba Group on all aspects of the rebrand. This included the development of a new logo and graphic identity, as well as marketing materials like proposal and report covers, project cut sheets, resumes and letterhead. To bring the new brand identity to life in a big way, Pepper Group developed office signage and décor including high-impact lobby designs, core values posters and a mission statement decal. The bold new identity and signage were dramatically unveiled to the employees and received an enthusiastic response.


Pepper Group continues to partner with Ciorba Group on bringing their new brand to life with additional collateral and office décor projects currently in the works. To learn more about Ciorba Group, visit ciorba.com.


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