Digital Acceleration Video—BAI

Digital Acceleration Video—BAI

The Challenge

BAI is a non-profit organization that collects and shares data and actionable insights for financial services leaders. They studied the impact of digital banking on the financial services market including trends and attitude changes, and tracked these changes pre-and post-pandemic. The findings were illuminative, and instructional in helping banks, credit unions and lenders expand their businesses and keep their customers satisfied.

With an almost endless stream of data and information, the raw information can be overwhelming to digest, so BAI needed a way to communicate these findings to their customers in an engaging and educational way.

The Solution

We work closely with BAI on a number of projects, and are well acquainted with their clientele and business offerings. So we were confident we could help attract a wide audience for these industry-critical findings. We began with a brainstorm session to determine the best content types to deliver the findings with a strong enough call-to-action that would encourage downloads.

We created two pieces that would work together, but could also stand alone, giving BAI a variety of content to share with customers. We pulled out the most critical data and developed a short, animated video that would communicate it in a concise and engaging way. The goal was to provide enough information to get the audience intrigued and then download a special report where they could dive into more details.

The Result

With a number of touchpoints including a landing page and video, we attracted a wide and grateful financial services audience for BAI. The company is continuing to fulfill its mission to help financial services leaders make smarter business decisions.

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