Commercial Contractor Website Design and Mailer—Oakwood Contractors

Commercial Contractor Website Design and Mailer—Oakwood Contractors

The Bulls. The Blackhawks. The Willis Tower. Oakwood Contractors has installed seamless carpentry and millwork for some of Chicago’s biggest names, and it was time to hammer the news home. We started with a thorough Brand Review that nailed down audiences, differentiators, key messages and competitors. This inspired a sophisticated, easy-to-navigate, new website. Upon realizing that RFPs left little room for Oakwood to tell its story, we created a bold direct mailer that fills in the gaps, and is sent to general contractors immediately after submitting a bid. Individual cards from the mailer are also sent to prospects as a drip campaign. In addition, an email newsletter highlights recent projects, grows relationships and creates an ongoing bond with contacts. With its unique, new brand and extra RFP attention, Oakwood is positioned to leave its competitors in its sawdust.

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