Payment Software Branding & Content Marketing: Rebar Technology

Payment Software Branding & Content Marketing: Rebar Technology

The Challenge

Rebar Technology’s unique subscription software is a truly innovative solution. As a relatively new division of W. Capra Consulting Group, the company needed a full-service marketing partner to help support its growth plans.

The Solution

Pepper Group quickly built a strong Revenue Tower® for Rebar Technology. We started by developing a clear and powerful message and brought it to life on a redesigned website and through a video that helps visitors quickly understand the key points of differentiation and value. Ongoing content creation reinforces their thought leadership and creates powerful calls to action to support digital advertising campaigns and industry conferences. Email campaigns deliver consistent lead nurturing, and new sales tools help move conversations forward. It’s all supported by a strong set of marketing technologies and dashboards to track and continually optimize all efforts.

The Result

With a new brand message and strong thought leadership assets coming together, Rebar Technology is well-positioned for growth.

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